Hopetoun Falls with the Colour


On my other blog today it is all about Monochrome Madness and for it I did an image from Apollo Bay that I took recently on a trip there. I have made it black and white for MM, but I also wanted to put the colour back into it. So I thought I would show the colour version here as well.


I went to Apollo Bay with a new friend Karen and this is one of the places we went to on the first day.

It was such an amazing spot to go. The walk down was good, but the walk back up was a killer. Still it was worth it. The only thing that ruined it was a couple of girls insisting on taking selfies. It is amazing how much people enjoy taking photos of themselves at these things and not really looking at where they are. It was such a beautiful place, but they had their backs to it more.

This is a long exposure, and was several seconds long. I love doing this for waterfalls, though the selfie girls made it very hard.


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  1. Love your work! The long exposures are very silky, also really like the placement of your signatures on various pieces of your work

    1. Thank you Rick, I love getting that effect with waterfalls. I try to place my watermark so it looks like part of the image, so I’m glad you like it.

  2. I very much like the low exposure. I’d have given it a normal exposure and it wouldn’t have been so powerful. I really like the way the fall is made the centre of attention by having the rest of the picture so low key.

    1. Yes, I think waterfalls are much better if you can get that silky water look. Thank you, it really is all about the waterfall.

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