Floral Friday – Lilies in a vase

Floral Friday - Lilies in a vase

Recently I bought some lilies to put in a vase on my dining room table and then I took some photos of them for Floral Friday.

Not really flowers from the garden, but still in my home. I haven’t bought flowers for inside for so many years, but think I will be doing it more. Though I quite like the idea of getting flowering plants in pots that I can then put in my garden.

The lilies I have are huge. They weren’t open when I got them, but they have since done that. I am so surprised at how big they are. They do look wonderful on the table.

These images were taken last Monday morning before the vet arrived. We were all trying to keep ourselves busy. Not long after I took these I spent some time taking a heap of photos of Tiddles as well.

I set the camera up on Billy, my 3 Legged Thing tripod. I don’t usually use a tripod, but since I was doing them on the table, thought it might be better. also meant I could use a higher ISO. That can be a very good advantage at times.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my lilies.

Floral Friday – Lilies in a vase

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