I am obsessed with hooks

I am obsessed with hooks

Really I’m not joking, I really am obsessed with hooks. I have been putting them everywhere. Gotta love obsessions.

Really how it happened, well, when I was cleaning out my kitchen I found a packet of 20 brass hooks. No idea when I bought them, or where they came from. Still, it was 20 hooks.

You know what I used all of them. I just kept finding places to put them.

I am obsessed with hooks

I am obsessed

It is amazing how many uses you can find for hooks. I have them for cups, measuring spoons, and aprons. I put them inside cupboards, and on the inside of the doors. Some ended up in the walls for things like the wooden spoon with my name on it that my daughter gave me.

I didn’t have a drill, so I used a nail that was a little smaller. It was hammered into the wall, or where ever and then pulled out. The hook was then screwed into that hole. It was perfect and made the whole job really easy.

Next thing I knew all 20 hooks were screwed into various places around my kitchen. Then I ran out, but I still had more places for them.

More hooks

Yep, I had to do it. I did try to control myself and I only purchased two packets of four. Seriously the things we are becoming obsessed with during lockdown is incredible. Yeah, they are only hooks, but I am so proud of them. I’m really proud of my kitchen too. It is part of the reason why I love baking now. The kitchen is ordered and mine.

Have you become obsessed with anything this year?

I am obsessed with hooks

I am obsessed with hooks

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  1. Absolutely…can always use a handy hook especially in the kitchen. My obsession became food so hooks are much better and less fattening. lol

    1. Good to talk to someone who knows what I mean. Yeah, hooks can be better than cooking or baking. I had to cut back on some of that. Thanks

    1. My husband loves those as well, me, not so much. I had that problem with all the baking I was doing, not good. Thank you Nora.

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