Making Pizza

About being a vegetarian

Another week and another, but this week we are making pizza. It is a big favourite in my family and one they keep coming back for.

Sourdough Pizza Dough

I have been making things with my sourdough starter, but I have to say the pizza is never a disappointment.

There is a video on how I make it at the end, but I wanted to give you the written recipe there.


375 grams warm water

100 grams starter

500 grams white flour

9 grams salt


Mix the water and sourdough starter together. Add the flour and salt.

Mix all together. Then cover and leave for around 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes you will need to do some stretching and pulling. (you can see how on the video)

Do things every 30 minutes for around 2 hours. You will do it 5 times.

Once done put it aside until it doubles in size.

Now you need to turn it out and divide it into four. Form each into a ball and then place into an oiled container.

You can leave them out to rise again for another couple of hours to use, the second rise.

To use later

Or you can put them in the fridge until you want to use them. I often do this and bring them out between two and three hours before I want to make them. They will keep in the fridge for about 4 days.

Make pizza. You can also find the video on my YouTube Channel.


Everyone has their own favourite toppings. We are vegetarian so we don’t put meat on our pizzas. Our favourite is onions, mushrooms, capsicum and olives.

Do you like pizza? What is your favourite?

It was good having an idea of what you might like to see with a video. I would love to get some ideas, so let me know in the comments here or on the video if there is something you would like to see in the future.

Making Pizza

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  1. I had read instructions for making pizza dough but really did not understand what to do until I saw you doing it. That you did not toss the dough in the air was also very encouraging – that trick I don’t think I will ever master. I’m not ready yet, but the urge is growing. I need to get some of those delightful bowl covers first, of course. And pick a name for my starter … Oh, do keep talking, it’s fun listening to your charming voice. Just too bad we live so far apart, I’d love to come over for a slice of that tempting, appetizing, mouth-watering pizza …

    1. Yeah, I am no where near experienced enough to toss dough, though I don’t think sourdough dough would work for that really. Just make a big mess. lol
      Those bowl covers are something I’m working on with my mum and we will be selling them through this blog I hope soon. So keep an eye out.
      I do love doing the videos do there will be a lot more of me talking. Thank you so much Ludwig, anytime you are in Melbourne let me and I will make pizza for you.

    2. Thank you for the invitation. Alas, my travel days are long past. Even back some three dozen years when our son was getting ready for a trip to Australia for a Boy Scout Jamboree, I was told I was to old to tag along. And now I am just plain too old.

    3. I’m sorry to hear that, my travel days aren’t over, but I just don’t really like travelling sadly. I wish you hadn’t let your son talk you out of it, oh well.

    4. I used to love travelling. It was a chore when I did a lot for work. It wasn’t my son who talked me out of the jamboree, it was the organization. I would have had to travel separately and that was too complicated.

    5. Really, that is terrible that the organisation did that. Travelling is hard work, so much to organise, etc. I think I’m too lazy for it, lol

  2. Awesome vid!! Funny how so many of us have ended up making sourdough….i mostly just do bread but you have inspired me to branch out. Interestingly my sourdough bread recipeis the same as your pizza dough except i use more starter. Thanks for sharing! Trees

    1. Thank you Trees, I know, I don’t know why it became so popular, it is great bread, I love eating it. Making it is because sourdough bread is expensive, who knows. Wow, how much starter do you use in your bread?

  3. I have never thought to make sourdough pizza dough. Now you’ve made me think about it, I am drooling. I tend to eat onions (often caramelized in balsamic) and mushrooms on my pizza. Sometimes I add fresh basil and feta to a cooked pizza as I like that contrast between the cold feta and the hot sauce.

    1. It is great, I love it, has so much flavour. YOu will have to try it. I love the sound of the onions, maybe I should try that. I don’t like feta, so I don’t do that and I do add fresh basil from time to time. Thank you Laura, you have given me new ideas.

  4. Oh, Leanne…..if your husband has not finished the pizza, pass a slice my way! Looks delicious. 🍕

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