Importing to Lightroom – How I do it

It would be easy to say that there is only one to do something like importing photos, but the truth is ask a 100 people and you might find 100 ways to do it.

I don’t know that there are a 100 ways of importing photos but I do have a way of doing it that I like.

I was asked recently how I do it by someone who wasn’t sure about using Lightroom. She had it, but didn’t really understand how to import her photos with it. I have to admit, while I don’t use Lightroom a lot, I always import my photos with it. You will be able to see why in the video.

Check the following image to see the video here.

I did take some photos just for the video so I had some to import. I have processed a few for you for this post. They are also on the video.

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