Instagram and the Next Issue of DRM


It is getting to that time and it really is head down bum up, or so the saying goes. I’m working very hard to get the next issue of DRM out to those that subscribe and those that want to see it.  Really looking forward to it being ready for you all to see.  I have also had some great images up on Instagram this week, and I would like to share them with you as well.

A macro flower taken with the Lensbaby

Dynamic Range Magazine

As I said, it is all coming together. I’m working around the clock to get it ready, plus get everything else I have to do done. It is looking like it is going to be very interesting Issue especially as we enter our second year. We are constantly mixing things up and finding what works. We are also always trying to make sure you get value for the money you spend on it.

Don’t forget that you can subscribe to the magazine, and it is the best way to help support us and to make sure you get each issue. You get it sent to you and can read it before it becomes available to the wider community.


This next one we are going to be including a tutorial. I am taking all I have learned from writing for dPS to start writing them for the magazine. One process that I hear from a lot of people is that they want to know how to replace a sky. I have written a very easy tutorial for a basic sky replacement. I am also giving the image away for you to practice plus 4 sky photos. It means the next issue will also be a zip file to include those for you.

I hope you are looking forward to Issue 5 as much as we are.

Looking over Princes Bridge in Melbourne as the lights in the city were coming on.

Yoast and Self Hosting

One of the biggest problems with self hosting is that you have to work a lot of stuff out for yourself. It isn’t easy and then you have to find plugins for nearly everything.

One plugin that I was recommended to get was Yoast, to help with SEO, but I have to say it has driven me crazy and I have deactivated it. It is always updating, so you are continually have to go the plugins page to press update now, but also it has started giving notifications. When you try and find out what the notification is for, well I gave up, who knew what it was for, but the red 1 was annoying.

I wrote to them, basically to see if there was a glitch in the plugin and was basically told to bugger off because I was using the free version and they wouldn’t help me. I told them that their response convinced me to never pay for it and to stop using it altogther.

Now I am not stupid. I know that developers like to get paid, and I happily pay for many things. but to get a response like that was too much. If I get help and I think it is a good product, then I will happily pay for it, but to be told straight out no, we only help paid customers, then they lose me. I have often given money towards development, and will continue to do so. I think if you use something, enjoy using it, then you should help out financially otherwise it will disappear.

Lake St Clair was a stop we made when driving from Strahan to Hobart in Tasmania.


My photos today are again from Instagram. I do love Instagram, and love the nature of it. I have started using a new app to help me schedule posts, it is called Later, and it is making my Instagram life a lot easier. I also think the tips I put up each day are helping others, and I will continue to do that.

There are four photos today, plus one you have already seen, but I did a bit more work to it for IG.

This is down at Docklands here in Melbourne. The sun had just set and the lights were coming on.


An amazing sunset in Melbourne a week or so back when I was in there experimenting the Lensbaby Lenses. I took this with it.

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  1. Those are beautiful sunset photos.

    I find the rude response you received to be very out-of-line, especially for small companies who always consider customer support a priority. It’s even more so since the aim of free products are to establish a measure of brand loyalty where you would pay for the paid product.

    1. That is pretty much how I feel David,and when they said I told them straight out that I would never pay for it now, and I would stop it. I also gave them a very bad review, so how do they win in that scenario? Thanks David

  2. I had an issue with a trial app by Corel. The tech spent many hours trying to fix it. A larger company like that can afford to support trials. I use their products and usually love them. I have had bad experiences with small companies.

    1. It is nice when they do that, but if people have problems and there are glitches, no matter the size of the company you would think it would be in their best interests to find out what it is and fix it. It is said really. Just goes to show that all they really care about is the money. Thanks Sherry.

  3. Your photos are amazing today, Leanne. LOL on Dynamic Range, head down, bum up. You are doing great, and I’m looking forward to it.

    1. Thank you Nicci, that is great to hear. Oh yes definitely working hard on it. I am looking forward to it as well. Still a bit to do.

  4. Love the look of the Lensbaby macro shot Leanne. This year I think your photography has taken a big step forward, it’s always been good, just that I’ve really noticed the difference this past 6 -8 months. You are also an inspiration with your ‘go try it’ attitude. Good luck to you, although I know it’s hard work not so much luck 🙂

    1. Thank you Lee, I love that one too, really enjoy using it. That is so nice of you to say Lee, I guess I don’t really notice, though I do think Instagram has been a big motivator. It is hard work, but in a good way, thanks again. 😀

    1. I think so too John, especially when it is not something that I was doing wrong. It is sad really. To me the correct response would have been, okay will we look into it. Thanks John.

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