This Week on Instagram


This Week on Instagram

This is a new thing for us. I have transferred everyone over onto this blog and I hope you all continue to enjoy it. If you normally get email updates of when I do do new posts then you will need to subscribe to this, otherwise you will only get the updates in the reader.

Today I thought we would look at some of the photos that I have been sharing on Instagram and Flickr. There are images that I do a lot more work to and then they don’t find their way here. I do want to change that, so will try and start making sure I post them here for you to see. They are among my favourite images.

I am just going to put a gallery of them for you.

[envira-gallery id=”2743″]

58 Responses

  1. I love the style of these images, Leanne

  2. love your alien skies!! Beautiful gallery Leanne!

  3. Fantastic images!! i love their depth of field and the brooding colours ….really speccy! πŸ™‚

  4. focusfor

    Inspiring comments for you, Leanne. You deserve the success it will hopefully bring.

  5. Thank you Leanne for sharing out standing images. I myself am still hesitant with getting on Instagram, concerning about the fact that other’s can easily copy my work. What’s your experience and intake on that issue?

  6. Ron

    Hello Leanne, I have been following you for some while now and have enjoyed the photos especially those I can personally relate to, and there are many. The station at Woomelang is mind blowing. It is where my wife’s mother spent a lot of her childhood. The photo in B & W, one of my favourite processing mediums, just has dynamic atmosphere. Thankyou for sharing it. Ron

  7. Fine photos, Leanne!
    I’ll hurry to subscribe to be sure to see all your great photos – MM’s πŸ™‚

  8. Each photograph is a masterpiece. It’s impossible to pick one. Love them all.
    Isadora 😎

  9. Thank you Leanne – just full of atmosphere

  10. I’ve been meaning to get back out and shoot that Old Railway Station at Newstead myself over the last few months, you’ve inspired me to push forward another drive over in that direction. I’ve got a few potentials on my list for that direction.

    • I think the old railway station has been taken over and people are getting it ready to be a home, it has all been done up. It is a great spot for photography. Thanks Craig.

  11. Beautiful shots Leanne…. so pleased your transfer to your new blog went well… and I got your update in my reader…Wishing you every success with your new blog…

  12. Great series of beautiful images.

  13. Hi Leanne, so re our recent conversation, does this mean that you’ve left WordPress in favour of Instagram? Any info would be most interesting. Adrian

    • Well I haven’t left the blog, but will blog on here, this is self hosted, but I do love instagram, I am starting to get work through it too which is good. What else would you like to know Adrian.

    • Well, nothing else really – but re our recent conversation, I am getting tired of the unannounced and often awkward / limiting changes that WordPress persists in making, and I’m always interested to hear about other blogging platforms. A

    • That’s okay Adrian, so this blog is self hosted, but it uses the WordPress platform, but it doesn’t get the changes that the gets. We get some of them, but the stats, look like the old ones from a couple of years ago, we still have the old editor, and while they make changes, we don’t get anywhere near as many. The other thing that is good is that this blog is mine, and I can sell advertising space if I want to, or really do what I like.

    • Thanks, Leanne, that’s interesting to know. Adrian

    • You’re welcome Adrian.

  14. Wonderful images. Have just shared on Facebook.

  15. You’re a great inspiration Leanne and I’m following you on instagram too πŸ™‚

  16. These are amazing, Leanne! Following on Instagram too now!

  17. You appeared both in reader and I got an email update – so assume it will stay that way and I won’t miss anything!
    Particularly like the images of the Pinnacles and Pink Lake (especially the colouring on the latter).

  18. such sureal shoTZ :0 really awesome πŸ™‚

  19. I particularly drawn to the Pink Lakes In Murray Sunset National Park, but every one is a work art.

  20. I love these images Leanne! From a writer’s perspective they look like really good book cover thrillers, such as the Michael Robotham books ( if you haven’t read him, check his books out, he’s real good) I especially like the first one. Fab πŸ™‚

  21. following you now on instagram too!

  22. Sorry, ignore my earlier message. Just ‘liked’ your post!

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