Is SEO killing creativity?

Is SEO killing creativity?

This is something I’ve thought about a lot, the question of whether or not SEO is killing creativity. I find it affects how I post and what I write.

Is SEO killing creativity?

There are so many rules about what you should do with SEO. How you structure your blog posts and what you should include. It is starting to do my head in.

It seems one thing you have to do is repeat the title a million times. A friend asked me why my blogs posts kept repeating things and I told her I had to do it for SEO. It doesn’t make it good to read.

The title has to appear in different parts of the post. You can’t have three sentences in a row starting with the same word. You can’t use more than some percentage of passive words. OMG does anyone really even understand what passive words actually are. Then there are the transition words.

I’m not going to lie and say I think it is great, because I don’t. Do I really need to have my blog posts make it to the first page of google? Why can’t I just write organically and not worry about that? Where is the creativity?

Is SEO killing creativity?

What to do about SEO

Well I know I’m not going to convince Google to change, but I have to start wondering if it is time to stop playing the game. I want to be able to just write and not worry about it. In the past I used to enjoy blogging, but there seems to be so much pressure with it now.

I have no idea what the answer is. In the past I’ve felt that I should do everything to follow it, but then it keeps changing. Then I start feeling like I’m writing for an algorithm and not for you.

So the question becomes do I ignore SEO and not write for it? I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you think my posts have become more like I’m not talking to you anymore?

There is the possibility that I could do one or two posts a week for SEO and then do the rest for us. One thought.

Is SEO killing creativity?

Jigsaw Gallery

While I was away I was trying to find some photos to use for Jigsaw Puzzles. I know that many of mine are too hard. They have too much black in them. So I’ve been trying to find images that would work better I think. Part of what I’m trying to think about is what sort of puzzles would I like to do.

While away I spent some time in the old shearing shed. I have three images here from it. I would love to know what you think. Do you think these would easier to do?

Is SEO killing creativity?

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  2. I believe SEO content is an art and content writer is the artist. If artist wants to paint his creativity with keywords, they can! It depends.

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    1. I’m not very good at other peoples problems with blogs. I have to admit I’m a bit sick of all the crap we have to do with them to get seen. Sorry.

    1. Oh yes, the constant changing is so annoying, it is like a full time job just to keep up with it. I do some to keep up, but really, I just want to write about my photography and show my photos.

  4. I just read the blog. Sorry, it wasn’t an attack on you! Yeah, it’s just personal. It depends why you keep a blog. If it’s a business venture I’d suggest SEO. If it’s a personal diary or some therapeutic endeavour, then I’d ignore it. I’m always writing about personal issues and mental health, so it’s just not possible. I’ve spent a few minutes reading about SEO but largely, I don’t think I’m cut out for it 😛 I wish you the very best though, you got me thinking.

    1. I didn’t take it as an attack, much of what you said is pretty much how I feel. It is hard to keep up and work out all the things that you have to do for SEO, it does my head in. Thank you so much Stephen.

  5. I think about this a hell of a lot. I think ultimately it’s kind of personal, ya know? I wouldn’t mind my blog getting retweeted by an automatic blog retweeter, but changing the way I write, the language… over my dead body! Yeah sure, it would be great to have more followers, but I’d consider myself a sell out. That’s just me.

  6. Exactly what I think. I ignored SEO altogether and just wrote on my blog for 6, 7 years not caring about people reading or not. I can have less than 10 visitors in a year. But I think it’s too much of work to care about SEO than just think and write.

    1. I think that is something I really need to do again. I will probably still do some things, but it is so time consuming. Also have to keep up with everything which is annoying. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  7. I would encourage you to write naturally, yet a bunch of SEO research does help before you start. I use SEO tools such as Ahrefs and Semrush to research around a topic before planning to write anything. I wouldn’t encourage keyword stuffing at all, but some recognition towards related phrases and keywords is always advisable. Research also helps to suggest headlines and sup-topics for the content.

    Machine learning seems to be driving Google’s algorithm at the moment, that’s why no-one really has the answers about how to write a blog for SEO. Everyone is guessing somewhat. My guess is that as this machine learning becomes more and more artificially intelligent, creative and natural writers will be even more in demand.

    1. I think I am too lazy for it all, sadly. I just want to write and share my photography experiences. I think that is the direction I need to go. I do use Yoast on my website and use it a bit, but I don’t let it rule me anymore.

      I know what you mean about the algorithm, no one seems to really know what it is all about. Thank you.

    2. At the end of the day they are not people but bots who scan the page. Does a bot judge creativity at this point? The author has made a good point. Engagements may be faked to look real? Can a bot make that out if yes?

      Ganesh J. Acharya
      An SEO strategist +15 years

  8. Some of these comments are great, but I disagree with quite a bit of them as well. I think SEO is extremely important, obviously, there’s plenty of data evidence out there to show that direct SEO efforts provide considerable boosts to both generating organic traffic, as well as targeting the right type of audiences that you want to be talking to.

    But, I also agree (to some extent) that SEO is often killing creativity when it comes to blogging. You often see blog posts out there that only use the most common keywords and don’t really provide very much insight into the idea. I’ve certainly found myself there before. When I wouldn’t know what to blog about, I would simply search google for some obviously popular keywords and more-or-less copy blog posts from the highest ranking blogs/sites.

    I think the most important thing to remember here is that blogging should be creative first, and then SEO should come second. I think people should write their posts first, from their heart. And then take a good look at it from an SEO perspective and make the necessary changes.

    This keeps the blog post fresh and original, but also ensures that it can easily be found by search engines!

    Great conversation topic!

    1. I’m sure SEO is important for some, but there are a lot of people who follow me that just blog for the enjoyment of it. Which is what I used to do, but somewhere along the line that got lost.

      the problem is when you make the changes for SEO a lot of what you are writing is repetitive and doesn’t make sense. Time to stop for me. I will do if it suits, but I want my posts to be for my followers not for an algorithm.

  9. Write for yourself and your followers, Leanne… forget about SEO especially when you don’t have a business to promote. When the SEO ‘rules’ make it tedious and repetitive for your audience, what’s the point?

    1. That is what I’m starting to think, though I do sort of have a business, just not sure what it is, lol. Thank you Chris.

    1. I tried to find ones that had lots of different lines and textures. I am okay with the browns, I might try doing one I think. Thank you Sharon.

  10. I love all these images, but for a puzzle? A little too complex for me 😂😂. BTW, having some background and knowledge of SEO, Google, and methodology I can tell you this… the rules and structure is changed constantly. The idea is to prevent ‘gaming the system’. What you do today doesn’t necessarily work tomorrow.

    1. I was trying to find images that had a lot in them so it would be easier to work out where in the puzzle the pieces would go. I found my usual work is often too dark.
      Yeah, I’ve found that with a lot of things, they are always changing. Facebook is very similar. It is almost like a full time job keeping up with it all. I just wonder if I can be bothered. Thank you Ted.

  11. Wow! So I have only been travel blogging for about a year. With n that time I have gone from feeling free to get as creative as I want to feeling completely overwhelmed with SEO. I really think you are on to something. We need to express ourselves our way. Thanks for writing about this!

    1. SEO is so overwhelming and then just when you think you have a handle on it, they change it. So frustrating. I am a creative person, I want to write that way. I’m happy to hear you feel the same way. You’re welcome and thank you for your thoughts as well.

  12. SEO is why I shut down my copywriting business. At 70, I wasn’t interested in going crazy over place a word so many times on a page. Writing became a chore, and, like you said, didn’t read well. Today we’re marketing to machines hoping to reach people. That just doesn’t make sense! As for what you should do, follow your heart. If you’re ready to give up SEO then do it.As for the puzzle, I like the last one. Take care!

    1. that is pretty much how I’m feeling Anne, they are taking the fun out it. I just want to write and say things as I speak, not how a machine will interpret what I say. You are so right about marketing to machines. I’m done with it I think. Do I really need to do it. Thank you so much Anne, always love hearing your thoughts on this sort of thing. That’s great to hear about the puzzle.

  13. I know I don’t write for SEO I write because it’s a joy for me (I just wish I were more consistent). As for a puzzle, I love them, but they frustrate me, however that second photo would make a phenomenal puzzle!

    1. I think that is a great way to do it Deborah. I am missing that part, the joy of it. I want to just write. Thank you and thanks for your thoughts on the jigsaws. I hate starting them, but one I get started I can’t stop.

  14. Leanne,
    I have blogged daily since 2019 and don’t care about the SEO. It’s not why I blog.

    Maybe you need to evaluate what you want from your blog If it’s a business then SEO counts. If it’s pleasure then it doesn’t. I think most people will find you via keyword searches anyway (most relevant should make it to the top of the search).
    I have no technical knowledge of exactly how it’s calculated so sorry I can’t offer more than this.

    The jigsaw puzzle has to have an interesting picture first and foremost; your first photo fulfills that criteria and would make a wonderful puzzle (I like the other too but too busy, no focal point i think).ONLY my personal opinion, others can feel free to differ!
    Regards.. kiwi 🙂

    1. Hey Kiwi I am starting to think that I need to stop worrying about it so much.

      Exactly, I just want to talk to everyone about my photography. I think you could be right about the keywords and maybe that is the direction I need to go in. I don’t know how it is calculated either. It is all a mystery.

      Thanks for your input on the jigsaws.

  15. The answer to your question Leanne is certanly “yes”. I’m lucky: my blog(s) has/have never been about promoting a business, nor am I desperate for more followers, so I do not think about SEO but if it was a business promoting blog I might have to take a different attitude. I think you have enough followers to ignore it.
    I’m not a puzzler so cannot answer on that but I’ll pass it to a blogging friend who is.

    1. You could be right, though I don’t know how much of a business I am promoting anymore. I am wondering if I should be concerned. I know trying to get the posts so they are SEO right is driving me crazy.
      See what your friend thinks, thank you Grumpytyke.

  16. SEO? or Google?…spider, bot..they are all creepy. And they are not creative or natural. Do your thang and enjoy it. Be creative. Maybe AI is creative? By the way both SEO and thang are redlined. Oops now redlined is redlined. I give up…goodnight.

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