Kow Plains Homestead in the Mallee

Kow Plains Homestead in the Mallee

On my last trip up in the Mallee I went to see my friend Jocelyn who took me to the Kow Plains Homestead. A place I had heard about but not visited.

Kow Plains Homestead in the Mallee

Kow Plains Homestead in the Mallee

Visiting Jocelyn in Cowangie has become something I do now. I love getting out with her and her knowledge of the area is incredible. It also helps that we both love macro photography. I like getting out with the macro lens with her to see what we can find. She knows all the plants up there. I also find I learn a lot. I also love Hamish, her Bengal cat.

This last time she took me to see the Kow Plains Homestead.

It was one of the original homesteads in the area. Jocelyn has had a lot to do with the restoration of it. She has been part of a community action group that has petitioned the local council to protect and restore it. It hasn’t been an easy fight, but happy to say that it did get the go-ahead.

I could go on and on about the history of the place, and probably get it wrong. However, there is a website and it has so much information on it. You can find it here, Kow Plains Homestead.

They have put together a video that tells you about it as well.

My visit

The day I went it was a warm day. It wasn’t really hot, but warm enough. Lucky for me I had my own personal tour guide. Jocelyn told me a lot about it and the history of the homestead. I have to say I don’t think it is a place I would have liked to live in back in the day.

Loved the dunny out the back under the trees. The house was very small compared to homes these days. I think I was expecting a really large place. Then again, I don’t think the landowners ever lived in it.

Here are some of the photos I took on my visit. I would recommend you go and look at the website. It gives a great insight into the early pioneering days of Australia.

I’m off now, had to get up early and into the city for some photos. I need a nap now. Enjoy your weekend.

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