Video with some bits and pieces from the Northern Territory.

Another quick video today. When this is published I will be down on the coast. Hopefully, I will be taking lots of great photos along the Great Ocean Road.

When I was in the Northern Territory I did more videos here and there. I wish I had done more, but I often forgot. So for today’s video, I thought I would put together all those bits and pieces into one video. I am sure it won’t make sense, but hopefully, the scenery will be nice.

This is the last of the video from there. If I remember I will try and do some along the coast for you as well. See what I can do.

I hope you enjoy these bits and pieces.

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    1. Yes they are, Ayers Rock is the name given to it by the invaders, so to speak, and Uluru is the traditional name that the indigenous people have always used.

    2. Aha, I thought so. Kind of like here where Mt. McKinley in Alaska was taken back to its original name of Denali. Cool. Thanks I learned something today. 🙂 Hope your days are wonderful.

    3. It is great learning things. Yeah quite a few things have changed like that. The Olgas are now knows as the Kata Tjuta. Good to see it happening there as well.

  1. Thanks for our Video-Visit. What interesting landscapes! I do hope I can also see them in person some day. This morning I woke up to another rare snowfall here on the south of Vancouver Island so it was a warm treat to see glimpses of your travels. 🤩😍

    1. YOu’re welcome. It is a very interesting place. It would be great if you could see it one day.
      On no, is the snow good? I love the look of it, but not sure I would want to live in it. Thank you flowerpoet.

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