Away Weekend Wanderings down at Paynesville


This last weekend I really did do some Weekend Wanderings. I went away down to Paynesville to catch up with friends, Chris and Wade from sv-takeiteasy. I stayed with them on their boat Take it Easy. I’ve been on it before, but never stayed, so it was fun.

Away Weekend Wanderings down at Paynesville

I’ve never been to Paynesville before either, but it is a lovely spot and definitely a great one for taking photos. It was dark by the time I arrived on Saturday, so I couldn’t really see much, but when I woke up on Sunday morning I was amazed at beautiful it all was.


You can see Take it Easy in this shot, but she is over the back and only her orange sail cover stands out. You can see what I mean by the weather. This was taken with the Fujifilm X-T2 camera and their 10-24mm lens. It was a great camera to walk around with. I am starting to change my mind about mirrorless.

After breakfast, we headed out into the lakes and spent 24 hours down the Bunga Arm. It was so quiet and peaceful. You couldn’t hear cars or people at all.  The only sounds were coming from us and the birds. There were plenty of them.


We spent time on the boat, but we also went ashore the 90-mile beach that runs near Lake Entrance. There we watched the waves. I took some slow images of them.



When we got back to the boat there were thousands of jellyfish in the water. Chris was taking heaps of photos of them, so I decided to have a go as well.


Chris is much better at photographing them than me. I had trouble chasing them and following them. I got a few, but that’s it. I should process more of the images I took.


That night we enjoyed a stunning sunset. It was fun standing on top of the boat to take photos of it.



After dinner, we jumped in the dinghy to head back to show to see if we could capture the Milkyway. There had been an aurora alert, but it wasn’t meant to be for us.


We got something, so that was good. Not the best, but okay. Hopefully, the weather will clear for the new moon next week.

The following day we headed back to Paynesville and I headed home. It was great to spend time with them on the boat. Next is to plan a longer trip.

Latest Podcasts

There are two more podcasts to listen to and the second one here, 004 has a lot more information about the trip to Paynesville. I am finding talking about the trip can be so much easier than writing.


That is all there is for this week. I hope you have had a good week. Mine has been hectic, but I am slowly catching up. Now I have to get my computer ready so my husband can put in a SSD for me so I can stop yelling at how slow my computer is. I can’t wait, but now I have to save everything so I don’t lose anything I want. Busy time.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed yourself, that area is a place that I always like to photograph that sunset image is lovely

  2. Hi Leanne I spend a lot of time down at Paynesville among other places around the lakes. We go to lakes entrance twice a week where I score lots of photos. Some boat photos coming your way for the next months MM

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