Last couple of weeks on Instagram

Last week I couldn’t show you what I had put up on Instagram thanks to a lack of internet service. I am back home now and this post is going to be very short. I have the last couple of weeks of photos for you. It is all the ones that I have shown already here.

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  1. Always amazed by your art. Would love to know your layers workflow. So much luminosity. I did figure out how to create skies using the Motion Blur tools n Photoshop Elements. I really look forward to your email, keep it coming.

    1. Thank you so much Bob, the problem with my workflow is that it is in my head and changes constantly. I was thinking of teaching a course, but no sure anyone would be interested. Thanks again and that is great to hear.

    1. Thank you Lois, it is really amazing and more so in person. They are doing more as well, hoping to get up there soon to photograph the one that is currently being painted.

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