Lens Artists Challenge #300 – Delicate

Floral Friday - the garden today

I thought this challenge was a good one to get back into the Lens-Artists Challenge and this week it is delicate.

Ann Christine has chosen the challenge for us this time and you can find her post here, LEYA.

I do tend to find my own definitions before I go and read what theirs is. So when I thought about delicate, I have to admit my first thought was your delicates, your underwear, but really I was not going to photograph those and post them here. No one needs to see that.

So I thought about it some more. I don’t really photograph anything that I could call delicate, then I realised that many of the flowers I photograph are very delicate, so I am giving you a gallery of flowers that could be considered delicate. I hope you agree.

I would like to thank Ann Christine for the challenge this week. It is a good one.

Maybe you would like to participate this week, it is a great challenge to do. To find out how to join the Lens-Artists Challenge, click here for more info.

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  1. I know I’ve said it before, but I truly enjoy your photos. They often reflect your unique perspective. Your macros of flowers are gorgeous. I especially love the center-light treatment of the dahlia!

    1. Thank you so much John, that is really nice of you to say. I love macro flowers and I hope that shows in my photography.

  2. These are beautiful photos, Leanne. What a terrific response to this week’s challenge! I loved those macros and close-ups.

  3. Lovely choices Leanne, welcome back! Two favorites, the dandelion spore partially gone and the fruit (is it an apple?) with the decayed cover.

  4. Leanne–I had to laugh about your initial version of delicates! That was funny.
    Your flowers are perfect for the challenge. I especially like the second photo–the daisies.

  5. Beautiful, Leanne – and delicate they all are. The light is wonderful and I love it that you only reveal parts of the flowers and let them keep some of their secrets!

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