Lighting for close up photography

The heading is called lighting for close up photography, but really that is because many of the principles are the same for food and still life.

So I have been searching around YouTube for videos for you. Some ideas are just common sense, while others are fantastic. The people I’m showing, I’m fairly certain I’ve introduced you to before.

Sean Tucker on improving food photography

He has a video that talks about lighting, but also shows you what gear you can use for food photography or close up things. You don’t always need the best. It is incredible to see what he uses for his.

The Bite Shop with tricks

I’ve shown you lots of videos from Joanie, but this one was quite good and shows you a couple of tricks you can use for food photography. She always has some great tips for food photography, and these were really good.


This last video is from Adorama and Mark Wallace is showing you how to use the available light in your home. It is a good thing to experiment with. We all have windows, though how good they have to be to use for this sort of photography, I don’t know. I guess you just have to try them out.

My still life

I’ve been experimenting with some close up photography myself around my home. I have just done a blog post over on Caught Midway that shows the images and explains about what I made so I could photograph them. The post is called Macarons and Crumpets for Tea. It has been interesting trying out more still life. While doing it I’m finding I’m taking photos every couple of days. I love doing it at home. A great type of photography to do while it is too hot outside.

Lighting for close up photography

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  1. It’s certainly a good time for still life and close up photography around the home… it’s something I’ve been doing for a couple of years now for my images on Pexels… it feels very natural to me. I know a lot of photographers are struggling with the confinement to their homes. I’m used to it for one reason or another!!

    I personally love daylight for most of my still life photography, just something about it is so different to trying to recreate it with lights. I’ve have seen all the videos you picked here… yes, they are best on lighting for still life… brilliant selection… you can’t go wrong with the advice offered in those videos!😎

    1. It certainly has been, I’ve really loved it, if I’m honest.
      I have to use natural light not much choice for me. I would like to experiment more. YOu can’t go wrong, that’s for sure.
      Thank you.

  2. Great… I have watched your link and thanks for sharing. Its new trick to shoot food indoor photography. Greeting from Indonesia

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