Looking at fashion photography

Looking at fashion photography

Fashion photography is not something I have ever had an interest in doing, but looking at it is different. It is a fascinating world.

Okay, I’m going to admit I have watched most seasons of America’s Next Top Model. I never watched the whole episode, but I loved the photoshoots. It was fascinating to see how the images were created and how much work went into them.

For this post, I spent a lot of time looking at videos, as I said it is a fascinating area. There are a lot of videos on YouTube about this subject.

It doesn’t really matter what sort of photography you look at you can always learn something.

For this post, I found one long video that looks at a particular photographer, Peter Lindbergh and his work. To finish it off I found 3 short videos looking at behind the scenes. One of them I have seen before, but the other two not.

Here they are.

Peter Lindbergh

A fashion photographer who has photographed a lot of famous models and actors. He liked to photograph them in a way that was really different from what many others were doing.

This video is the story about him really.

He died early September 2019 and this a great look at this life and the work he leaves behind.

Here is Peter Lindbergh when he was photographing Greta Thunberg, the teenager who is making waves around the world about climate change.

Looking at fashion photography

Behind the scenes

Following are the shorter videos that look more behind the scenes and how the images are created.

Mark Newton

We take a look at what Mark Newton does as he prepares and shoots. See how he handles light.

Sails Chong

I first saw this video a while back. It is interesting to see them getting ready, then taking the images and the final ones.

Miss Aniela

This video is kind of an advertisement for the camera, but it does also give you some great behind the scenes look at a fashion with the photographer Miss Aniela.

Looking at fashion photography

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  1. I was reading about one fashion photographer who works in Chicago and in Michigan, he said good fashion photography isn’t about how many photos you do in a shoot, it’s about having an idea of what kind of shots you want. He aims to shoot as few as possible, whether in studio or on location … especially on location.

    1. I think that is spot on. It isn’t always about taking shot after shot. If you have no idea what you are then the shots would be useless. I think we can learn that with all photography. Great comment David, thank you.

  2. Thanks for sharing Leanne. Such creativity and the size of the productions is mind-blowing. A genre of photography that I don’t think I’ll be breaking into unfortunately😀.

    1. You have that right, mind blowing, it would be incredible to be the photographer, but maybe too much work for me, I’m too lazy,lol. Me either Paul.

    1. He was Jack, he seemed like a very approachable person as well.
      Thanks for the links, I’m sure others will love them too.
      You’re welcome Jack.

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