Floral Friday late but not cancelled

Yes, that’s right Floral Friday is very late, but not cancelled, unlike many other events around Australia at the moment. For me, the worst one is the flower and garden show.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon trying something different with my macro flowers. It is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, that is doing some setups like still life.

I also wanted to try controlling the light. In the end, I don’t think I did a great job of it, but it was my first time. The last few months have been all about experimenting and I’ve learned a lot. I’m still don’t think I am any good at this kind of photography, but I like doing it.

There are quite a few of my dahlias flowering at them moment. I have 11 plants and 10 of them have flowers or buds. One was very late coming up, so it might be a while before it flowers. So I picked a couple and set up the scene to photograph. I used the macro lens for these.

There was light coming in, but I tried to reduce it so it wasn’t too strong. I am trying some new things there. However, a storm was coming and there wasn’t the bright light coming through the windows as I had hoped. Maybe on another day I should try it.

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

Sadly it has been announced that the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show for 2020 has been cancelled. A lot of large events have cancelled and I’m sure a lot more will be.  I will have to wait until next year now.

Floral Friday late but not cancelled

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  1. Love the orange dahlia with its painterly colour and curls in the petals. Shame about the Flower Show, but probably best to avoid crowds.

  2. I thought of you when I heard this morning that the flower show had been cancelled. I feel sorry for all the vendors and their employees who will miss out on their income because of the cancellations but I guess it’s a necessary precaution.

    1. I have to agree Carol, I think they have been setting up for a bit now too, it is very sad. Yes, I agree, it is probably a necessary one. There is always next year.

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