Looking at Melbourne from sunrise to after dark

I’ve done another video for you. This week we are looking at more photos from 2016, but they are all of the city.

I thought it might be fun to try and put them from early morning to after the sun sets. I hope you like it.

Unfortunately, something went weird with the quality, so I need to figure that out. Sorry.

Here are some of the photos from it.

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    1. Thank you Helen, Melbourne is such a great city, though at the moment it is a very grotty city. I’m sick of all the developement in there and hope it all finishes soon.

    2. I agree that it is grimy and the rain, the bleak weather doesn’t help either. I’m waiting to see what all the construction would look like after it’s finished. We may not recognise it!

    1. It is a very interesting building and quintessentially Melbourne, those of us who live it think of it as the most famous landmark here. Love it or hate it, we all know it. Thank you Reinhold.

  1. Great video Leanne, that was a lot of filming and down dark alleys too in places!

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