Looking back at trips while looking forward to new ones

This week has been crazy and I thought about not posting, but seriously if I go down that road then I will keep doing it. I’m determined to keep posting on those four days.

So what do I do when I’ve been too busy, well I go into my archives.

Today I have been thinking about a day back in 2015 a lot. It is a day when I was in the US and I spent it with one of my blogging friends, Anne. We went to Santa Cruz and a few other places around there. It was a great day and one I always look back on fondly.

To my delight looks like Anne might be coming to Australia. To say I’m excited would be an understatement. I can’t wait to catch up with her again and show her around my part of the world.

So with that in mind I thought I would show the photos that I took on that day back in 2015 again. I hope you enjoy them.

The photos are from Santa Cruz, Capitola and Monterey.


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  1. Stunning photos Leanne. You and Anne your blog friend (she has a great blog name by the way🔥). How I wish to visit Santa Cruz and Capitole and the other place you stated ✔

    Have a great weekend

    1. Thank you, her blog does have a great name. They are amazing places and if you get the chance to visit I would recommend it.

  2. Such amazing connections we make here! I’m in love with these pictures so much. Gorgeous job, thanks for taking us on the adventure with you

  3. Oh, your pictures take me back, I lived in Aptos (next town down from Capitola) for many years. That Capitola wharf is broken and the waterfronts flooded from the raft of storms this month, it broke my heart to see the photos coming out of there. Yours made me remember better times.

    1. I have been looking since you and another have said, how horrible for the place. I really hope they can recover. I am glad my images made you feel better. That wharf was so amazing. I loved how you could just go under it. Thank you Annie.

    1. Absolutely Carol, reminds me of your visits here too with Marsha. It is going to be lovely to show Anne around. Thank you.

  4. The Santa Cruz area has been severely damaged by storms in the last few weeks, especially the East Cliff Drive portion of Santa Cruz and the entire shoreline of Capitola.

    1. What a shame, once I heard that I went and had a look. There was a lot of damage sadly. Seems to be the way of the world right now, mother nature isn’t happy. Thank you.

    1. It is a memory jolt, I’ve been thinking about that day so much since you said you were coming here. I can’t wait to catch up again with you.

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