Looking back to 2016 – Melbourne Docklands

I have finally got around to doing another video. This is another one using the photos from 2016, but these images are from the Docklands here.

The Docklands is a funny area. There seemed so much potential, but then no one seemed to know what to do with it. Many of the restaurants there are empty and the last I heard the Melbourne Star, our version of the London Eye, had closed.  It was in the wrong place and as they built more highrises the views were blocked. They should have put it down near Federation Square, where most tourists go.

Having said that they have built some great and interesting buildings down there.

Though because not many people go there, well didn’t last time I was there, I had more opportunities to get the images I wanted.

Here is the video, I hope you do enjoy looking back with me.

Here are some photos from the video.

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  1. Great photography, great video presentation, great achitecture…..but never been in Melbourne 😉
    My compliments for your work,

    1. It is a funny place, I mean there are restaurants open, but there used to be many that were closed. I always thought it would be a great place for cafes, but instead they put in highend restaurants and then put a factory outlet place around the corner. Too confusing. I am glad you enjoy it Anne, thank you.

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