Weekend Wanderings: Melbourne Flower Show


The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show is almost over now and while I only went a couple of times it was great to be there again. I took hundreds of photos, some better than others, but still, it got me back into some macro photography. I really enjoyed playing around with the macro lens and the Lensbaby Velvet 56.

The flowers were so beautiful and this year there seemed to be an abundance of dahlias. I really like them. I also ordered bulbs to plant later in the year. I love them so much and I want heaps in my garden. I also got more chrysanthemums for the garden too. They are another favourite. Along with those I got almost 280 bulbs, no idea where I’m going to plant them all, but I’m determined that my garden is going to be full of colour come spring. I want others to want and come to my garden to do their own macro photo. Well, they will have to get behind me. It is so nice to be back working in the garden, I love going out there to see what is coming up.

I went to the show on two days, the first one I used my Nikon 105mm macro lens, and the second I used the Velvet 56. Unfortunately, the first day it was really windy. Then again, yesterday it was fantastic and the conditions were perfect. I got lots of photos before the crowds got too big and the wind picked up.

I have a selection for you, it is a small selection because I took so many photos. I think I have enough now to kick start my macro Instagram again. I wanted to do these a bit quicker than usual so I have process them all in Lightroom. I think they came out okay. I hope you like them.


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  1. Lovely! Makes me want to see if I can do something similar with my camera. I agree about the problem when it’s windy. It is often windy in my garden when I want to take photos!

    1. YOu will have to have a go RJ, only way to find out. windy is terrible, and nothing you can do to stop it. It is the same here, early morning is the trick. Thank you.

  2. Like Ruma said, I am wanting that 105mm macro. Although that may not be a silver bullet–I suspect some serious skills are at work here.

    1. It is a good lens and I’ve really enjoyed it, though if I had to choose between the 105mm and the Velvet 56, I think I would go for the latter. Thanks Robin.

  3. Hmmm … 280 bulbs, that’s going to be some serious planting. 🙂
    Enjoy the palette of colors that will result.

    1. Oh yes, and I have to work out where I am going to put them all. They will be wonderful when they come up. Thank you Davic.

  4. Ahhh, gorgeous. What a beautiful, creative way to spend a couple of days. Dahlia’s are so incredible, have fun planting! These are great Leanne, I was blown away by the first in the gallery and the last. They are breathtaking.

    1. Thank you Carrie, it was, I do love going there, it is all for me. That is great to hear, it was so nice to get back into macro photography again, it seems so long since I did any.

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