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The city of Melbourne is one of my favourite places to photograph. Though I am always trying to find new ways to do it, sometimes, I just you just have to go with it and see what I can get. I am understanding more and more what I want to do with my work, what I want to show.

I thought I was going to start doing new work, but I suspect that I’ve been doing the work I want to for quite some time. It is funny how you can be doing work in a particular way and not really know why. I’m still exploring the reasons and while I’m doing it I am also exploring how I process my photos and what I can do with them.

It is an exciting time for me. I hope you think so too. Here is another image from the city with some of my new types of processing.

Winter is here, it is stark and cold.


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  1. Forget to mention: I shoot with Nikon D800. My passion is long exposure photography.


  2. Hello Leanne, love your photos. They are amazing. I have a question:
    What mode do you shoot in, meaning full frame or DX mode? I have switched from DX mode to full hoping this will product the best raw quality for editing.
    With thanks, Dianne.

  3. Hi Leanne How much post editing do you do to your images before you post them.. lovely images

    1. I do quite a bit, I can spend hours on my images, I do stuff, leave it, look at it, then go back. It is a long process. Thank you.

  4. Hi Leanne, lovely shot as always. What’s different about this shot compared to other similar ones you’ve posted? Your signature seems to be the ominous and broody look. I love that about your work. What’s changed for you in your processing recently? Just wondering.

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