Mallee and Wimmera Art Silos with a difference


Well, I’m still here up in the Mallee and Wimmera, but not for long. I heading home tomorrow, sadly. I thought I would show you some art silos with a difference that are here.

The Trip

I have run out of time here. I didn’t get nearly as many things photographed as I hoped, but that is how it happens. Though, I know I will be back.

I have been to many places and been in all sorts of directions. I don’t like the computer I have here so I’m looking forward to getting home to work on them on my big monitor. However, I did go somewhere rather special today and thought I would share some of the photos with you.

In a small town called Brim they have some grain silos, like most places around here, but they have done something special to them.


Mallee and Wimmera Art Silos with a difference

Artist Guido van Helten has painted on them and turned them into a work of art. There are 4 portraits on there and apparently they are all people from Brim. They are incredible to see. They were started in December last year and finished in January this year. They are beside the Henty Highway and lots of people stop to look at them.

I am going to put up a gallery with some of the photos I took. I took a couple from a distance and then some close ups of the details. It is quite amazing. I hope you like it too.

Take a look at Weekend Wanderings: Silo Art Trail to seem more of the silos that have been painted.

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  1. Very impressive work in being able to scale up the portraits and painting them being very close to his “canvas”.

    1. You can see them from a distance and tell something is on them, but it isn’t until you are right in front that you get the whole thing. Thanks

  2. How extraordinary! Not only the exquisite portraiture, but the fact they’re painted on enormous curving structures. This is like the Mallee equivalent of the Sistine Chapel!

  3. I am just back with a random thought. I was intrigued enough to look up Brim to see where it was and I spotted it was not too far (well, in relative terms anyway) from Donald. Have you ever been to Donald? My Great-Great-Grandfather was a studio photographer there in 1889. His company was called the Melbourne Photographic Co.

    1. I have been to Donald, but really only driven through it, and it was a while ago. I think I remember you telling me about it, it sound familiar, small world huh. Let me know, and maybe on one of my trips I can go through it and take a couple of photos for you.

    2. I think it was a long time ago, so I wouldn’t worry, I forget things all the time, problem with being a mother, you have to remember everything for everyone in the family.

  4. What incredible works of art! And I love the idea of using something like a silo as a canvas. Your photos of the “street art” are fantastic.

  5. These are fantastic works of art! I saw a similar artwork on silos in southern Georgia last year. Great captures Leanne. ❤️

  6. These are remarkable, Leanne. Wow. I love every photograph, the artwork is stunning and the scale makes it that much more impressive. Thank you for sharing these, I can easily see why they caught your eye, the fine detail of the artwork feels similar to some of your work I have seen and I am sure it was challenging to try and capture the scope of what you were seeing. Wonderful job!

    1. They are Carrie, more so when you are standing in front of them. You’re welcome, it was quite a challenge working out how to photograph them, I might have to go back another time as well I think. Thanks Carrie.

  7. That’s impressive. I never understand how they can make those things so big and still make it look like what it’s supposed to look like.

    1. It is a whole different way of thinking, I’ve done some big stuff, like on theatre sets, but nothing like this. I imagine it takes a big of practice. Thanks Matt.

  8. Stunning! I love these kinds of artistic transformations of man-made structures. Being able to paint so realistically at such a huge scale is a serious skill.

    1. They are Reggie, It is nice, but I wouldn’t like to see them on too many of the silos, I love photographing them as they are. Yes, it is a very serious skill. Thanks Reggie.

    1. Would be lovely to see more industrial sites covered in such beautiful artwork. Just because something is functional doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful too.

    2. On some yes, but not all, I like the industrial look of buildings and what they represent, so maybe half and half, lol.

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