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When I was in New York I had some good opportunities to take photos of the Manhattan skyline and when I got home I processed them. Some of them are among my favourite photos that I took while there, especially this one. Now I want to try to do that with the Melbourne skyline.


I like the way the buildings are like blocks all jammed in together. I really liked the way the image turned out from the processing. I managed to repeat it on a couple of other Manhattan skyline shots, but I don’t seem to be able to get the same look for Melbourne.

Besides the fact that New York is so much bigger than Melbourne, it is also much denser. There are so many more buildings there. Tall ones too. I think that as it is surrounded by so much water it is also easier to get back from it and get these types of shots.

Melbourne is a whole other story.


You can see that while I was across the water you just can’t fit a lot in. This is one end and there aren’t a lot of tall buildings on this side of the city.

I also don’t seem to be able to get the same sort of processing to work with my photos of Melbourne. I’m not saying I don’t like this, I do, but for different reasons. I do love the skyline shot so my challenge now is to work out how to process them for here and make them my own.  I am starting to work out some things.

The other thing I have to work on is finding different perspectives to shoot from. That is on my list to do this year. Though, the summer is really making things hard for me.

I will have to continue the experimenting with the processing. I know I can do it and I know my Photoshop skills are up for it. I am quite confident about those, so now it is time to just play, my favourite thing to do.

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  1. These images are all stunning – and yes, they are like blocks. After the 9/11 attacks, several people talked about how lucky we were that the buildings came straight down instead of tumbling over. Can you imagine how disastrous that would have been?

    1. Thank you Jackie. Yes, that would have been very scary if they had done that, I guess that is the problem with buildings like that.

  2. The juxtaposition of old and new – brick and steel – central park and skyscrapers – is part of the magic of the NY skyline, and the city. Hard to replicate. Which is what makes it such a special place. Beautiful photos…of both!

    1. I think all places are special and have something unique about them. It is hard to replicate things from one city to another. There are things about Melbourne you won’t find anywhere else in the world, and other cities as well. It is nice to see the beauty where ever you go. Thank you Ogee.

  3. Leanne, I like your recent city skyline photos. They have inspired me to re-think my post processing of similar photos. My latest attempt is here,

    I know what you mean by finding good vantage points to take shots of the Melbourne CBD. It’s something I’ve struggled with, too.

    Your fantastic NY city-scape has one other advantage you did not mention. Assuming you shot this in the evening light, you had the benefit of the light coming over your right shoulder. Most Melbourne shots face more or less north which cause the photographer to face into the light.

    I respect your mastery of Photoshop. I’m still a rank learner with PS and tend to default to LightRoom when editing my work. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Anything that gets you processing is good Don. I’ve seen that photo somewhere else as well.

      It is hard, I will have to start driving around to see what I can see.

      No, the New York shot was taken in the afternoon actually, but the light was probably the same. I think the real difference too is how dense the buildings are, so different to Melbourne.

      Thank you, I’ve been learning PS for quite a few years now, I love it, I can’t say the same about Lr, but I am getting better at that.

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