MIFGS – Display Gardens


Another part of the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (MIFGS) are all the display gardens. There are quite a few and it is lovely to look at them and dream about having something like it in your own backyard.


MIFGS – Display Gardens

There are many different gardens in many different classes. Some of them would be achievable on a small budget. While others would need a lot more money.

It is also great being able to see what flowers are trendy right now. Do people still use that word trendy? You know what I mean.

Astors are always popular. I am slowly starting to get to know what the flowers are called and I love that it is happening.


Finding out the background

Even though I have media accreditation, I’m not quite on the same level as everyone else. I don’t really get to meet the designers and talk to them about what their aspirations or concepts were for their designs. However, I got to talk to Trish Morrison from T Design-Lab about her garden. The one in the photograph above.

Trish told me how the garden was inspired by her mother and that she wanted it to be a peaceful place for meditation. She won the category she was in and it was nice to see. I really liked the garden. The wildflower look is always really nice and something I would love my own garden to have.


Early morning

Getting there early was really nice. We did get there a little too early and found that many of the gardens had the most amazing lighting for the dark. So with the sun just starting to rise, we were able to get some lovely images with it.

Then, as the sun came up a beautiful golden light shone over and through the gardens. It was really stunning.


Here is a gallery with many of those display gardens. There is also a photo of one of the walkways. There is almost no one there. Once it opened the walkways were full of people. There is also a shot from indoors where the program Sunrise were filming a special feature. I think it was a weather report.


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