MindShift Gear PhotoCross 15 Backpack

MindShift Gear PhotoCross 15 Backpack

Today I wanted to talk to you about the MindShift Gear PhotoCross 15 Backpack. I’ve had a loan of it to try it out and it’s going to be hard giving it back.

MindShift Gear PhotoCross 15 Backpack

MindShift Gear PhotoCross 15 Backpack

Trying to find a good camera bag can be one of the hardest things. We all want something different and with there being such a wide diversity in photography gear these days it can be even harder.

I guess it comes down to what you, or I want in a bag. So I’m going to list the things I want.

  • lightweight
  • waterproof, or close to
  • the ability to hold a tripod
  • plenty of space for what I want to carry
  • fit me and sit comfortably on my back
  • easy access to what I need
  • being about to carry a water bottle
  • being about to customise it to my needs

That is all I can think of, at this stage.

I’ve been using the MindShift Gear PhotoCross 15 Backpack for about a month now and it seems to fit all of the above needs. The bag is by thinkTANK and a great addition to their bags.


When the bag is empty it is very light. With gear being so heavy it is nice to start off with a bag that doesn’t weigh a lot. That doesn’t mean it isn’t strong.

It is made with a durable material that makes it harder to damage with abrasions. I’m not easy on my gear and even after I have taken it to a few places it still looks brand new.

Waterproof, or close to

This isn’t something that I have been able to test, but according to the notes on the bag, it is constructed with waterproof materials and zippers. It does have those zippers that water can’t get through. For this one we will have to take their word for it, however, I wouldn’t be concerned about being out in the rain with it.

The ability to hold a tripod

Many bags allow you to strap a tripod onto them these days and this one is no different. However, having said that, I like that you have the option of putting the tripod on the front of the bag or the side. It is completely up to you.

When I was in the city the other day I attached Billy, my 3 Legged Thing tripod onto the front of the bag. I didn’t really notice it was even there. It was easy to attach and felt secure.

Plenty of space for what I want to carry

There is a lot of talk out there that you shouldn’t use a big bag because then you take too much. I used to think this was crap, but now I think the same. We all need to think about our backs and what we carry.

I have to admit the first time I loaded the bag with my Fujifilm gear, and the other bits and pieces I wanted to take, I picked the bag up and thought something was wrong. It was so light. My bag usually weighs a tonne, but with everything I needed, it was so good. I couldn’t believe it.

I took what I usually do. The camera, two lenses, my ND filters, spare batteries and tools. I know part of the reason for the lightness was due to the Fujifilm camera and lenses, but still.

The bag had plenty of room for everything I needed. Actually, if I’m honest, there was still room left.

Easy access to what I need

The bag had separate compartments. While you can’t open it right up to look inside you can hide some things that you don’t need as much under some sections. Still very easy to get access to everything.

MindShift Gear PhotoCross 15 Backpack

Fit me and sit comfortably on my back

The bag is very easy to put on your back. Swing and it was on. It sat well and didn’t give my back any distress. It was also sitting nicely on my hips. I’m a short a person and often camera bags are too long so they go below my hips which means my shoulders have to take all the weight.

On the weekend I walked around with the bag on my bag for almost 5 hours and it wasn’t a problem. I was keen to get it off at the end, but not for the reason it was uncomfortable, more because it was really warm and I was hot.

Being about to carry a water bottle

This can be a bit of a hit and miss with many bags. When you are out you want to be able to take a drink with you. Having somewhere on the bag to put a drink is important. Especially so for summer. It is really hot here at that time of the year and you need to take a drink with you.

The PhotoCross has a dedicated pocket on the side for that. Perfect.

Being about to customise it to my needs

This can really important. For example, I hate waist or hip straps and being able to remove them is important for me. Being about able to change the inside of the bags is also another factor.

There are quite a few things you can change with this bag. You can remove or hide the hip straps and completely organise the insides to suit what you are using. There is also the added benefit of deciding where the tripod will go.

Other benefits

You can also fit a computer into it as well. This is not really something that is often an advantage for me. I rarely carry my computer in my camera bag, well, unless I’m going overseas. However, I’m aware that many people do and want to be able to do that.


While I had a loan of this bag from Blonde Robot, I wouldn’t mind owning it. I think it is fantastic. I enjoyed using it and loved the size of it. I would give it 5 out of 5 stars.

If you would like to read more about it, take a look at the website, PHOTOCROSS™ 15 BACKPACK

The bag I’ve been using.

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  1. Timing was good on this article, thanks. I’ll take a look. My LowePro sling is getting beat up and I think going back to a true pack might keep my new and improved back working. For me light is key since the big zooms are heavy. Thanks again.

    1. Good to know, they also do this one as a sling bag too if you are interested in that Ted. Oh yes, you don’t want to start off with a bag that is heavy before you put the gear in it. Thank you Ted.

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