MM 3-4: City Theme

Here we are and it is our theme for this month. Not as many entries as we usually get for the themes, but it is still good and still lots of great entries. So I’m not going to talk too long, let’s just get on with it.

Hopefully the gallery shows up when it is published this time, if not, I will have to look into again.


I took this last weekend and when I saw it I thought it would be great for the theme. The skyline, the rowers on the river, nice light, what more did I need. I tried to imitate the early morning colours, but I don’t think it worked out.

Don’t forget all the instructions on how to enter your own images are at the bottom of the post.  If you have entered an image then please remember to check your image in the gallery, scroll down and see if anyone has left you any comments.

[envira-gallery id=”2880″]

Don’t forget all the instructions on how to enter your own images are at the bottom of the post.  If you have entered an image then please remember to check your image in the gallery, scroll down and see if anyone has left you any comments.

Monochrome Madness each week and if you wish to participate and submit an image here is how you do it:-

  • You must email me the image you want to include and if you have a blog or website, or somewhere else, please include the link. My email address is
  • The image size should be low res, so the largest side should be 1000 pixels or less.
  • Please insert either your name or your blogs name in the file name.
  • Remember I am on Australian time, so with GMT I am +11 hours at the moment, I publish my post on Wednesday morning.
  • If you need more help with sending images, and get confused about time zones, etc, well, there is a great website called The World Clock, if you go to that and look at Melbourne time, if it’s before 6pm on Tuesday evening, then you can still send me images.  If it’s after that time, you can send me an image, but it will be set aside for the following week.
  • Remember to include a link to your blog or website.
  • Please remember to resize your images, it is fairly simply, you just need to go into any editing software and usually under Image you will find, resize, scale, or image size, something like that and you can resize your image there. Change the dimensions to pixels and make the longest side 1000 pixels or smaller, hit return, and for most types of software that should change the other side automatically as well. Just remember to save it with a different name so you know it is the smaller version.  If you have any problems, please contact me, I don’t mind helping out.

Please note you don’t have to be a WordPress blogger to be in this challenge, you can have a link to a Facebook page, a Flickr page, anywhere really, or no link.  We just want to encourage people to do monochrome images, just for the madness of it. Just to let you know also, that as soon as the challenge is published, all emails and images you have sent me are deleted from my computer.

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    1. Yeah, I was thinking the same, it isn’t obvious either. I was thinking abandoned, but then many people don’t photograph that sort of thing, so closed seemed a better choice.

    2. Yes, I like closed. I have loads of shots of abandoned buildings, cars etc…

      There are ways to interpret abandoned.

      Closed, however, is a good theme. But, you should keep ‘abandoned’ in the pipeline. It is very interesting as well

    3. But, if you do choose “closed”, then I am going to have to think hard… But, that is the fun of your challenges!

    4. Not yet…. I think.. I have been a bit off TV, cause my daughter is in the middle of her Grade 12 boards .. If we are not around her, she runs to her mobile phone

    5. Me neither.. I did watch a lot when cable TV came to India in the early 1990’s. It was a relief from the depressing programmes we used to get.

      My favourite morning show used to be “Aerobics Oz style” I used to get exhausted watching those girls exercise!

    6. Okay, now I am curious… Last year, I was rooting for Billie all the way, and she won!
      This year, a chap will win

    7. But hey….they got Billie McKay for the first Mystery Box!! Wow! That is cool!
      The Indian girl chats and chats!

    8. Ah, Nidhi.. The Indian one. Yeah, she is cute. Normally, I don’t like Indians who go and live outside India. I find them to be the most insufferable bunch of people on the planet, but she is cute

    9. Yes, I think so too. Really, that is an interesting observation, we like them here, well some of us do. I love their food that is for sure.

    10. Well, there is Indian food and Indian food.. What is dished up on Masterchef Australia barely scratches the surface..
      I have eaten lots of variety in Indian food, and I think I am yet the ignoramus ..

      Many Indians who live outside start a conversation with. “back home in Texas ” kind of statement despite having left india just two years previously!

    11. That is the ones that go to America then, not here, surely, not many people like to think they are Australian, haha.
      I’m sure it is the same everywhere, the food that is, though I don’t think Masterchef is a good example of what you can get here.

    12. Yeah, the ones that go to America! But, I think many Indians would gladly run from India. My kids want to emigrate and the rational part of my understands why

    13. It is funny to hear that that is happening, people here seems fairly content, from what i can tell. I know there are going to be problems where ever you go.

    14. By ‘here’ do you mean Australia? India is a very difficult country to live in, despite what the yoga-tourists (who come to India from other parts of the world) say. We seem to specialise in making daily things difficult, so people find ingenious ways to beat the system.
      We have too many people, and in the scramble for buying new, shiny cars etc, we have messed up our climate. Temperatures this year are 4 degrees Celsius above normal, and this has been happening since November.

    15. Yes, Australia. Sounds interesting, but the number of people would get too me. I think the warming temperatures are happening everywhere unfortunately.

    16. India? The crowds get to all of us . We are crazy.. The population has increased by 60% since 1982 and we continue to breed like bloody rabbits!

    17. Hm. Good question. Well, years back, the more kids meant more hands on the farm. Of course, that lead to other problems. Anyway, I think that the old thinking still persists amongst many of the poor.

      Years ago, I had a French boss, and he was somehow taken in by the myth that Indians are conservative, sexually. So, he asked me (on two occasions) how we have so many people, considering that we are prudish.

      I rolled my eyes up towards the heavens, and said – Immaculate Conception… we are a spiritual people, I said.

      Thank goodness I am out of the corporate world!

    18. But… I don’t think anyone in this year’s Masterchef has the charm of Billie… Lots cry like Georgia though!

      I am interested to see if Charlie is as good as Reynold with the dessert. I also like the chap with the big earrings, and both the two older men..

    19. I think it is too early to tell, I was rewatching last years season and you really didn’t notice Billie for the first few weeks, so you never know.
      I wonder, I do like Matt too.

    20. Yep, it Matt!

      I do not like Cecilia. I think she is trying to generate sympathy by yowling about her kids all the time.. Despite the fact that she is actually a gutsy woman. She is not playing to her fighting spirit, but to the sympathy-gallery…

    21. I think I might be with you there, she needs to be doing it for herself. Yes, I hate the sympathy bit as well. Drives me insane, also when they are doing it for other people, what’s wrong with doing it for yourself. It will never work if that isn’t the first reason for wanting it.

    22. I agree with you. You need to do it for yourself first. It is not as selfish as people think it is

      btw.. i may send you an oversized file again, for MM, and apologies in advance. I have changed my computer. My internet has gone mad, and i fear it may take me 2 days to download and install PS

    23. I think the same, if you are doing for others and not yourself, then you will never succeed.
      It’s fine, I will batch it with the other oversized images.

    24. Well, i finally managed to download PS and Lightroom and install Capture One. I am now struggling with Bridge. God alone knows what is happening

      Sadly, it means I have to recreate all my actions again. Sigh…

      Would you like to exchange home towns for 4 months? You may get to experience the hottest summer India ever seems to have recorded!

    25. It can be very tricky, I”m sure you will work it out. Good luck.
      Yes, I’ve had to do that a few times, I keep trying to remember to save them.

      Thanks for the offer, but think I might give it a miss, haha, I don’t like hot, we keep breaking records for the heat here too. Every summer seems to be hotter than the last. We are almost in winter and we haven’t had one frost, or any fog yet, it is crazy. We have had about 3 days where the heater has been needed, so not normal.

  1. Very nice gallery! My personal favorite for this week is photograph #16. The wave-shape on the front and the way the photograph was edited works out great 🙂
    And nice picture you have used for the post (#18), really connects well with the layout 🙂

    1. I didn’t realise until it was too late, sorry Loré and then I thought, oh well, let’s just post it. It’s fine. A horse can be in the city, we have them here.

  2. It’s great to see all of the different cities and perspectives in one place and from all over the world. Awesome!
    I got distracted while writing my email this week and so it didn’t get sent – but I have posted and linked up as well 😀
    Such a diverse theme and gallery this week!

    1. You almost sound like me, I almost forgot to the post completely, got so distracted by other things. It is diverse, glad you like it Robyn.

  3. Great “city” entries this week! I just love your shot with the rowers – brings back some memories watching rowers in Hawaii. Monochrome (black and white with all shades of gray) has a wonderful feel and look when capturing “city” – buildings and architecture. My favorites are 3, 7, 18 and 27.

    1. Thank you Debby, I like the rowers too, they get photographed a lot as they train up and down the river through the city.

    1. You aren’t missing anything RJ, it is the downside of this gallery, that you can’t leave comments on individual images, I guess the one real problem with self hosting. Sorry. We suggested last week that you could leave a comment in the main section and just write who it is for, the number of the image. Or if they have it on their blog go and leave it there.

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