Monochrome Madness – Bridges from San Francisco

One thing I’m finding when I try to find photos for videos is that I have thousands and thousands of photos from the last 10+ years and in many folders there are photos that I don’t know why I’ve never processed before. So I think you will start seeing lots of photos that I took years ago, but am just getting around to processing.

When I was in the US in 2015 I took over 8000 photos, but I have not processed anywhere that many. Obviously, you wouldn’t do that many, but when I return to the folders I keep finding photos that I think should be processed.

For today I went through the photos I took on my first day in San Francisco, California. I was shown around the city by my friend Dan. We took photos of the Golden Gate Bridge from lots of different angles. It was really cloudy when we first got there, and I have a lot of photos of the clouds descending and obstructing the views of the bridge. So not fog, but similar.

We took photos of it in the morning and from different places in the afternoon, then another one for sunset. Once the sun went down we went to a place to photograph the Bay Bridge.

It was a great day and I had a lot of fun.

So for Monochrome Madness I went through the folder and picked a few photos to do in monochrome. Not sure whether they all work, but it is interesting to see them in black and white.

Participating in Monochrome Madness

If you would like to participate in this challenge please post photos on your blog and use the tag Monochrome-Madness, as then I can use the reader to see what you post.

I haven’t included mid week monochrome here as I am not sure what to do. Since Bren died, I don’t know if we should continue using it in honour of her, or not. Let me know your thoughts.

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  1. I think these do all work in B&w, but maybe some more than others? I love the drama of that first shot and the moodiness of the one top right in your gallery. I’m double-dipping with Denzil’s Nature Photo challenge this week:

    As for Midweek Monochrome, I don’t really know. I’d assumed we would drop it but I see what you mean about honouring Bren’s memory. Would you maybe consider renaming your own challenge as the Midweek Monochrome Madness, combining the two challenges as one, as most of us used to do? If not, and I quite understand you might prefer not to change the name, then I think I’d be in favour of dropping it. Otherwise it’s a challenge without a host – unless someone else were to take it on in the future.

    1. Thank you Sarah. I agree, some will work well and others won’t. Part of the reason for me doing this challenge is to help me work out what does and what doesn’t. I’m running behind but will get to yours soon.

      Yeah, I don’t really know what to do. Maybe we do need to just drop it and continue with this one.

  2. I like that first photo Leanne. I thought about keeping Mid-Week Monochrome on these posts but it does make me a bit sad so I have stopped. I can see what you mean by retaining the name as a legacy.

    1. Thank you Bushboy. Yeah, I feel a bit sad about it too, and I have done the same, but not sure if that is a good thing or not. I guess there are no right answers.

  3. When I do a lot of photos of something, I make it part of my process to come back a few weeks later with fresh eyes… I usually find a few shots that are keepers but got overlooked.

    1. I have to admit I do similar, but it is also interesting when you go back after years and see with fresh eyes. I need to start doing that a lot more. I love it. Thank you Matt.

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