MIFGS – Opening day


Yesterday was the first day of the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show and opening day was massive. There were so many people there.MIFGS-melbourne-show-flowers-building-0694

MIFGS – Opening day

Usually, I try to get there early, before it opens officially. I did manage to get media accreditation, so that is always good. However, it was a slow start to the morning and I missed the early part. Still, it was great to see so many people enjoying the show once again.

Often it has been the same year after year, but this year they did things a little differently and the doors facing Nicholson Street were the ones you used to get out into the garden, or to get in from the outside. It is nice that they change things up, though I do wish they would have the doors directly opposite the opening open. When you need to get back inside it is a bit of a hike. Well especially when you have been on your feet for a while.

It was also wonderful to be back inside the Royal Exhibition Building. I love that building, it is so beautiful and it has to be said that it is the perfect venue for the flower and garden show.

Wandering around

Usually, on the first day, I don’t hang around for long. I take a few photos and then come home. The time there is spent working out what I will do when I go back. What lenses to bring each day and then what I will concentrate on. However, yesterday was a little bit different. I did take some overall shots, but knowing that I can go back and do some before the crowds enter is a massive plus.

For yesterday I just spent time looking at what was there and seeing if there was anything I wanted.

I did go back today, but I will show you those photos over the next couple of days.

Struman Optics

Something else I’ve been doing while at the show is spending some time at the Struman Optics counter. Their lenses for the phone are so good to use and I am loving getting to know some of the new ones they have. I’m in love with the macro that comes with the wide angle. There will be a post on those as well. I even played shop girl and helped to sell some which was fun.


Here are a few photos from the first day. They are really only from the main building, but there will be others showing what else there is there over the next few days.

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    1. Thank you RJ, we do, though I would love an opportunity to photograph some of the buildings in Chicago, they look incredible.

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