Monochrome Madness – My Melbourne

Monochrome Madness - My Melbourne

As my wonderful city of Melbourne heads back to lockdown tonight I thought for Monochrome Madness I might share some older photos of the city.

Melbourne in Lockdown

It isn’t great, but this is the best thing for us. I have no problem going into lockdown and would rather that than have many many deaths here. Some times I think we have all got a bit complacent or soft, not sure which.

I just keep thinking about what people in the Second World War went through. I know this isn’t a war, but there are similarities. Though we have it a lot better. Think back to the Spanish flu and what happened during that time. People were in lockdown then too, but they didn’t have the same precautions in place that we do. They didn’t have the ability to communicate with others. They couldn’t zoom friends and family. Nor did they have television and they definitely didn’t have online shopping.

Online shopping has been really good for getting the things you need for staying at home.

I can’t help thinking too that if we didn’t have modern medicine and ventilators a lot more people would die.

Staying at home

Really, I have to stay I would rather stay home and not be a risk for coronavirus or a burden on the health system. Now they are coming out with some scary things like people who have had mild symptoms end up with brain damage, or something like that. They are also starting to see evidence that it might be airborne. Really who knows, we just don’t know really know what the long term consequences are for it.

Me, I’m staying home. How are you fairing?

Yes I know

I am very aware that not everyone can stay at home. That some have to work or whatnot, but the sooner we do what our governments think, the sooner we can get through this.

It is good for everyone, but the alternative is worse. Like someone said yesterday we can revive a dead economy, but we can’t revive a dead person.

Stay safe and well.

My Melbourne

These images were taken quite a few years ago. I spent one day just walking around with the camera and then converted them all into monochrome.

Joining in

It would be great if you would like to participate, especially if you enjoy the monochrome images. If you want to contribute there is a Facebook groupTPM Photos which you can join and share your images. Of course, if you are blogging no reason why you can’t post your own. I like this challenge and it is nice to be thinking in monochrome again.

Monochrome Madness – My Melbourne

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  1. To an extent, we’re on our own. And, that’s the sad part.

    We have a loon for a president … and, I mean no disrespect to the loon species of birds. 🙂

    Here in Colorado, we may not be far behind in going into another round of lockdown. Locally, we have 14 days to get the Covid case numbers. They’re hoping to solve with mask wearing but the local officials are very reluctant to make mask wearing mandatory and close down certain business activity (restaurant, bar services).Whatever goal they are striving for, I don’t think they’ll make it.

    Stay well, stay safe.

    1. Sadly we laugh a lot how stupid your president is and the crap he comes out with. Is there no way to sack him? He is totally incompetent.
      Did you go back into lockdown? We have been put into further lockdowns. Basically can’t leave our houses now except for a couple of things and can’t go too far. It is what it is and I would rather this than have people dying from it.
      Masks are mandatory here and you get fined if you aren’t wearing one.

      Yes, you too David, keep well.

    2. The bar to have him declared unfit is rather high. Two cabinet officers must sign off on the declaration, but it’s preferable to have the support of the entire cabinet and the VP too. Pence, the VP, he’s too much of an idiot and afraid of Trump to support a declaration. The cabinet officers are similarly afraid of Trump.

      We are close to going back into a lockdown; they’re trying some half measures first before re-imposing restrictions. Masks are mandatory but enforcement is lacking. The supermarkets and some retail stores have hired private security to enforce the wearing of masks inside the establishment. It’s a wait and see for the moment if another lockdown happens.

    3. I don’t understand why they would be afraid of him. From where we are sitting it looks like he is ready to start a war with China, or maybe a civil war within your own country. He is all over the place and such a loose canon. You never really know what he will do next.

      It has to happen. We can’t let this virus just kill people. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot of people have died in relative terms, but if you consider what the death would have been if our governments had done nothing, then that would have been really scary. I hope whatever is done David, it keeps you protected. stay safe my friend.

    1. I think it is a good place to be really. I’m glad I spent some time last year cleaning out our house. I love being here now.
      You stay safe too Carol. Take care.

  2. Splendid B&W images of your home town Melbourne, Leanne.
    As is had already been mentioned in the first comment, here in California, even wearing a mask is mandatory, people just don’t follow through, I’m flabbergasted by this ignorance. As you say, people in World War II, went through a entire realm of being lockdown and being disconnected from the rest of the world, as I was born in Germany, I remember the stories of my grandparents and parents listening secretly at night to the radio, shared by the entire household. We can call us lucky to have access to all medias, although I am sure anymore what the truths is what’s presented to us. I’m staying safe and hope you are too.

    1. Thank you Cornelia.
      We are in big trouble now because people refuse to do the right thing. It is crazy. The media stuff is great, but in many ways it is also terrible and could be our downfall. The number of people who believe everything they read on Facebook is terrifying. They are dangerous and now they have nothing to do but look for more crackpot things. We are doomed sadly.

    1. I have been hearing about that Peter, it is part of the problem we had, they eased it too soon and then we had a bit flare up. We are definitely in lockdown now, Stage 4 for us, not really allowed to leave our houses for very much now. You stay safe too Peter.

  3. There is a lot of beautiful architecture captured in your photographs. Melbourne looks a beautiful city. Sorry to hear about your increase in cases of the virus. As restrictions are eased here, given my age, I find myself getting more cautious. Look after yourself, stay strong!

    1. Thank you RJ, we do have a lot great architecture, unfortunately I can’t see it myself right now. We have had more restrictions put on us, hopefully it means we are closer to getting our lives back.

  4. Terrific photographs, Leanne. I am sorry your city has had to go back into lockdown. I suspect we are headed back into lockdown too. As you say, I would rather that than see the death toll continue to climb at such an alarming rate. Take care.

    1. I’m late with getting back to comments, sorry Laura,
      Did you go back into lockdown, we have had even more restrictions places on us. I have to agree, I totally agree with you.

    2. Not yet but I think we will be within the next couple of months. We are personally continuing to live like we are still in lockdown because that feels safest and most sensible and school for the kids is going to be 100% online so it feels like it even though technically we’ve got a bit more freedom.

    3. We did the same when they started lifting restriction, it is probably the best thing to do really. Freedom doesn’t do you any good if you catch it. It sounds like it is really nasty to get as well. Good to hear you are taking lots of precautions. Stay safe and healthy Laura.

  5. Here in California, a new surge is happening. People who insisted on getting out of lockdown are now blaming the surge on Gov. Newsome. Wearing masks is mandatory, but a lot of people don’t. They say the government can’t tell them what to do. Then on top of it, we have a president who’s not listening to the medical and scientific personnel regarding this virus. Me, I’m being careful and trying to make sense of what this country is doing.

    1. I have to say we have been watching with gobsmacked looks at what is happening in the US, it looks so confusing. Really, the government can’t tell them what to do, isn’t that what laws are, our governments deciding what we can and can’t do. It’s like seriously how many people have to die before they think they should help stop it. Your president, I have to admit we watch every day to see what other stupid thing he as said or done. He really is the joke of the world right now, sadly. I am so happy to hear you are being careful, it is the best thing. I am prepared to do everything I have to to help rid us of this virus. Stay healthy and safe Anne.

  6. We, too, are fortunate that we can stay home. And we have hobbies that keep us occupied. Even so, we’re both ready for the world to re-open, even though that seems like a long shot right now. I guess we just need to be patient!

    1. We are too, my husband is working from home and we are both enjoying that. I am spending my time baking and taking photos of what I bake. It has been a great time to just spend time on me and not the rush of the world outside.
      I think it will be even longer if people don’t start doing what our authorities are telling us too. It is why Melbourne is being shut down again, too many people who don’t think the rules apply to them. I just hope this second lockdown will be a wake up call to them. You keep doing what you are doing and stay safe Rusha.

    2. Thank you. We’re staying safe, and I’m busy blogging, taking pictures, and making baby blankets for Project Linus. It’s all good. And after working in education for 52 years, I’m OK with staying home more!

    3. I am spending too much time baking, which I am loving. Not as much photography as I was, but oh well. That is great to hear Rusha, I like staying home too.

    4. I bought the book The Art of the Pie written by a woman in Washington state. The pictures alone make me hungry. I can now make pie crust and berry fillings. Working now on how to keep from eating so much of this goodness!

    5. We aren’t big on pies here in Australia, apple yes, but not berry pies. It is strange. I don’t think I’ve ever had, say a cherry pie. I do make pie crust for apple pies though. Been making those since I was a child. Ahh, yes, the eating is where the problem is, lol. I had to cut back on how much sweet stuff I was baking. Good luck with it all Rusha.

    6. Yeah shortcrust pastry can be used for so many things. Apple pies yes, but also meat pies, not that I eat meat, but I use it for vegetarian pasties. It is fun, I love baking.

  7. I love Melbourne 🙂 so liveable that even coronavirus wants to stay! Long may she reign as our cultural capital and the heart of Australia for me.

    1. We do live in a beautiful city. Love that, it certainly doesn’t want to leave Christina. I think she will definitely do that for many of us. Stay safe and healthy.

    1. Absolutely. I have to say I’ve been basically living like I was in lockdown since it started. I”m not taking any risks. Thank you Brian.

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