Floral Friday – A single flower at the Flower Show


It is the end of the week again, so that means it is time for Floral Friday and today I have a single flower for you that was taken at the Flower Show. Though I do like to add some more information to these posts, so some quick words.

Email List

It has started and you may find that when you come to this site a window will pop up asking if you would like to download something. At the moment it is 10 tips for long exposure photography in the city. I have set up the window that will come up to only appear every few days. that way you won’t get it everytime you come. Of course, I want you all to sign up to my list, but I understand if you don’t want to. I will be doing emails with more tips and challenges for people, at least that is the plan at this stage.


This seems to be a thing now, and I like the idea. Not sure exactly how to go about it, but it is something I will be doing.

My podcast is going to be like a journal or diary on my photography trips. More information on how I take my photos, what worked, what didn’t and so on. Perhaps settings and such as well. When I make mistakes I will discuss them and what I would do differently. At this stage, I hope it will be once a week.

More on that to come with time.

Floral Friday – A single flower at the Flower Show

As stated at the beginning today’s photo is of a single flower. I still have so many flowers from the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show that I am sure you will be seeing many more in the weeks to come.

My garden just never really took off and while I have about 14 different dahlias planted I’m not really getting any flowers yet. I have been watering them, and I put some fertiliser on the recently, so I am hoping they might show me some before they die off for winter.


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  1. Hi, Leanne. Great idea of the podcasts. There is some free audio recording software that you can download. It’s available for a Mac or PC. After recording, you save the file and upload it. It’s best if you use a separate mic and not the built-in one in the computer. Here’s the link to the software. If you want any additional advice, just ask! I’m happy to share. https://www.audacityteam.org/

    1. Thank you Patti, I have one up, I will have to find out how to link it. I have audacity, it is good, it is what I did my first one on. It is a great program.

  2. Podcasting on photography, I don’t think it’s been done yet … at least I haven’t heard of one. Potential topic: you bring the camera along with the idea to take photos, but end up not taking any. “There’s nothing here I want to photograph, let alone remember in the form of a picture.” Have you had that kind of moment?

    1. It has been done quite a bit David, but I figure it can’t hurt to try, I like the idea. Well that can happen, I have that, though I always end up taking photos, but sometimes I never use the photos. I should delete them really. I want to talk about my photography experiences and hopefully people want to hear about it. They are a bit amateurish, well the only one I’ve done is. Thank you David.

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