Monochrome Madness – Remembering Stormy Skies

Monochrome Madness - Remembering Stormy Skies

As Melbourne is shrouded in smoke I thought it would be nice to do a post about remembering stormy skies for Monochrome Madness.

We are being told that the air quality isn’t good and that we should stay indoors as much as possible. That also means that there aren’t a lot of opportunities to get out and take photos. While I have been taking them, they are all indoors. That isn’t a bad thing.

Remembering Stormy Skies

When I was trying to think of what to do for Monochrome Madness, I remembered the trip to Port Campbell last year.

It was the best trip here in Australia. The skies were cloudy and while it did rain a bit, it wasn’t that bad that we couldn’t get out and take photos.

While we are in the grips of the worse summer ever I thought it would be nice for us to be thinking of stormy skies so I converted this to monochrome.

Monochrome Madness - Remembering Stormy Skies

Joining in

It would be great if you would like to participate, especially if you enjoy the monochrome images. If you want to contribute there is a Facebook groupTPM Photos which you can join and share your images. Of course, if you are blogging no reason why you can’t post your own. I like this challenge and it is nice to be thinking in monochrome again.

Monochrome Madness – Remembering Stormy Skies

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    1. I wouldn’t go cheap, they tend to have bad colour casts. I don’t know that you can get refurbished ones, possibly the best bet is to keep stalking ebay and places like that and hope someone is selling their filters. It does happen.

    2. Thanks for your suggestions, Leanne. I won’t settle for a cheap option(s) either unless cash strapped :-(. I will keep a look out anyways.

    3. YOu will regret it if you do, it can seem like a good idea, but in the end, too painful. Look for a holder and 10 stop, or a screw in 10 stop.

  1. “..and the skies are not cloudy all days”. Apt post Leanne and a perfect picture. Just couple of days ago, I have posted few monochrome photos of the smoke circling our suburb. I hope the rain helps out. I am of the understanding that the huge rainfall yesterday didn’t actually helped the East Gippsland region. Nevertheless the mild weather should help ease out the fires and dissipate smoke too. Let’s hope for the best.

    1. Thank you, yes, the skies have been very strange lately. I think we need a massive downpour, where the fires are for it really to be of any help. It might be a waiting game at this stage, sadly. I just hope they don’t get really bad again.

    2. Couldn’t agree more, Leanne. You are spot on. We definitely need rain where it is most needed at this juncture. Hoping for the best.

    3. I saw on the news last night that many places did get the rain they needed, there are still fires, but now the irony, many of the places that had burned are now flooding. Too weird.

    4. It is good that it has started. Though, I’m still holding my breath, Feb is Victoria’s bushfire month, so will wait.

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