Before with Tram lines, After Without


Last weekend when I was in the city I took a photo of the Manchester Unity Building. It wasn’t an especially good photo, though, one I have taken many times before really.  I like doing some images over and over, seeing how much I have changed, or how much my editing has changed.  I like to see what I can do now, or how I would do it differently.


The light was a little weird, but I thought there was plenty to play with here.  It is a very distinctive building here in Melbourne, but there is one thing that makes it a hard, and that is the tram lines that run in front of it.  It is one thing about Melbourne that can make photography really hard, those tram lines. They run up and down nearly every street in the city.  I could just leave them there, then again, if I want to get better at photographing buildings in Melbourne, to do good images, then I need to get good at removing them.

It is a time consuming thing, and I have to admit that once I started doing it, I wasn’t really sure I wanted to keep going, but in the end, I reallsed, I had to. The other thing I wanted to remove was the air conditioners sticking out, and close the windows.  There are other things I could have changed, but it still has to look real.


I made the image monochrome and put in a new sky.  I didn’t like the plain sky that was there, so I decided to put it a new one.  I like it when clouds move like that.  It seems obvious that I changed the lighting and the image now looks like it was taken a bit later.

I might have to try doing a long exposure during the day one day.  I will have to work out when the light would be best.

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  1. Agree with Robin, Leanne! And, though I mentioned it to you already, I
    just got a giggle out of you removing the air conditioning units and
    “shutting” the windows 🙂 Your skills with Photoshop are amazing. Love
    the end result!

    1. Thank you Stacy, I know that the guy who owns part of the building would appreciate them being removed, so it seemed like a good thing to do. thanks for what you said about my photoshop skills, I do try and have been working on them for a few years now, still learning. 😀

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