Monochrome Madness – The night in monochrome

This is another non theme week and if you want to know what the theme is for next week, then stick around and I will tell you at the end of this post.

Today I decided to try converting some images that I have shown before, but when they were colour. Converting images doesn’t always work and knowing what image will be a good monochrome or black and white image isn’t easy.

There are some people who just convert everything and only show images in monochrome, but I like colour images and it tends to be my main focus. However, I do love exploring what images work well in monochrome.

I started this challenge back in 2014 with another woman. My main reason for wanting to do it was that I was seeing some monochrome images from some other people and realised I just didn’t do it at all. I thought it would be a challenge for myself to do one every week. So began Monochrome Madness.

It has been an interesting journey and I still find it hard to do. Some images just lend themselves so well to it, but then there are others that just look terrible.

I’ve heard from some that they don’t want to do this challenge because they can’t do monochrome, but I say, that is why you should do it. Challenge yourself to one image a week. You might fall in love with it. Who knows.

Read to the end to find out how to participate.

As I was looking through my folders I found one image, a sunrise in the city and I converted it to monochrome. The I did a couple of night images and suddenly the sunrise one didn’t look so good. It lost its appeal. So today I have three night images to show you.

I wasn’t sure that night images would work so well, but if I’m going to be honest I love them. I thought if the colour was gone they wouldn’t look as good. What do you think? Do you think they are missing the colour?

Participating in Monochrome Madness

If you would like to participate in this challenge please post photos on your blog and use the tag Monochrome-Madness, then I can use the reader to see what you post.

You can also leave a pingback, do they still call them that? Basically, you put a link to my monochrome madness post in your post and it leaves a link in the comment section.

Monochrome Madness #3 – Textures

The next theme is being hosted by Sarah from the blog Travel with Me

We don’t have a link to the actual blog post but when it goes live I will add it here.

I have talked about the Monochrome Madness page which you see in the left column with all the other pages. On this page the next theme is announced and there is also all the information for participating. We have also included a list of themes that will be coming in the future so if you want to be able to plan ahead you can. They aren’t in order, but will happen. Please go and check it out.

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  1. There’s a definite magic and moodiness in black and white night photos. A really interesting and effective perspective. 🖤🤍

    1. Thank you Miriam, that is great, I wasn’t sure, I thought perhaps people would miss the colour, good to know that it works without it.

    1. I have done that, changed the camera to do monochrome, but I don’t do it a lot. Thank you Brian, looking forward to seeing yours.

  2. I think these night shots are really effective in monochrome. I think you have a good eye for determining which shots will be successful converted into monochrome because you also have a strong sense of composition. I think that removing colour tends to emphasize shapes and textures so as long as that kind of visual interest exists in the shot then it is a strong candidate for monochrome. I think your photos include interesting forms and visual textures so work well for that reason.

    1. YOu only think that Laura because I don’t show you the ones that I don’t think work, lol. Thank you Laura, I think you are spot on.

  3. I think nighttime was made for monochrome. The street scene–with hardly any cars!–is my favorite.

    1. Thank you Anne, I was surprised at how they turned out. If you want to that would be wonderful, but only if you feel like it. Take care and get better soon.

  4. Monochrome is a completely different type of photography. I agree with you, just do it and see what happens. It’s a great challenge, and the world of photography was B&W not that long ago (I know for a fact 😂).

    1. That’s what I think. You never know. I sort of remember when it was all b&w. I remember when I first started and using film that I only wanted to do b&w. Thank you Ted.

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