Weekend Wanderings – More fisheye images of Melbourne


In yesterday’s post I showed you some images taken with the Samyang 12mm fisheye lens. I have some more images for you today. These are more from outside in the streets. It is quite amazing what happens to buildings when you photograph them with this lens.

I tried some photos of the street art, the three statues that stand on the corner of Swanston and Bourke streets. I also tried getting some movement with the trams, then put them together in a small video for you.

The weather has been stunning, sadly it means winter is ending and summer is returning. I’m not looking forward to summer, but I am planning on doing something different this summer I think. You will have to wait to find out what.

Here is a gallery with a few more images. Take care and I hope you are enjoying your weekend where ever you are.

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    1. Thank you Patti, yes all good here, your summer is ending and ours is heading towards us. I’m sad to see it coming, I have to admit I do love winter.

  1. Hello Leanne…these done on your D800? I have been looking for something a bit wider than my 16mm and the reviews (plus your pix) have been good for this lens.

    1. Hello Robert, yes, all with the D800. The lens is manual focus, but for most of these I just put it on infinity and away I went. The only time it was a problem was for anything up close. I can see how it would be great for your photography.

  2. So lucky of you to get to play with a fisheye lens. And it did create some interesting images. Love the Melbourne Central ones. The shot tower looks much taller than it usually is. Unusual perspectives all round, but one that makes Melbourne look larger than life 🙂 You are right. The weather has been great, especially great this weekend. But today seemed almost like a summer day under the sun. I was out and didn’t need a jacket. Hopefully summer won’t be too hot this year, but you know, hard to say.

    1. Yes, I was very lucky, it was fun. thank you, I like the Melbourne Central ones too. It has been good, though more rain to come I think. I don’t want summer to come, I love winter. Thank you Mabel.

  3. Some great images celebrating the fisheye distortion, Leanne! I particularly like the the shot of the 3 lanterns. I always get the twinge of wanting to buy another lens when I see images like this 😆.

    1. Thank you Distan, I like that distortion, it is crazy and fun to play with. I know what you mean, those twinges can be annoying at times, but still, umm. 😀

  4. Love these. You are amazing how you pick up a new lens and take great shots. I love the little video, very creative.

  5. Hi Leanne , love the look of the fish eye , makes for very interesting different images , also enjoyed the video . Liz x

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