Monochrome Madness – The star that is no more

Melbourne Star, our version of the London Eye, has ceased operations. It just didn’t get the people to travel on it.

Seriously, I don’t know what they expected. It was put at the wrong end of town, in the Docklands, and out the back. The views were of the docklands, literally, little bit of the river and the city in the distance with the railway yard between.

I know they put it where they did hoping that it would draw people to that area, but the views were not worth the money they were charging. They should have put it on the river near Federation Square where you would be able to see the city, the river, MCG and the botanical gardens. It would have been worth cost then.

I did take photos of it on a few occassions, but I thought for Monochrome Madness I would show you one of my favourites. I hope you like it too.

Participating in Monochrome Madness

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    1. I know the feeling, I’m still trying to get back on my feet. I look forward to checking out your image RJ. Thank you

  1. Great drama in this shot Leanne, and I like the blue tones! It’s a shame the wheel has closed. Our London Eye is still going strong but then it’s in the right place. Rides are definitely on the expensive side but tourists seem willing to pay and having been a couple of times with visiting friends I have to say it’s great fun! I’m taking you to the seaside this week:

    1. Thank you Sarah. It is a shame, like I said they put it in the wrong place. They are expensive here too, especially when the ride only lasts 30 minutes. I’m looking forward to the seaside.

  2. Such a shame their gamble did not pay off. I will remember monochrome madness. Just occasionally I get the perfect B&W image. I just left Melbourne- I love it there!

    1. It is a shame Cecilia, such a waste really. I keep hoping that instead of shutting it down they might move it. I hope you do remember it, thank you Cecilia.

  3. We had something similar here on the beach about 10 years ago. They charged a lot but what you mostly got to see from the enclosed cars was the blinding white sand of our beaches. The owners wanted to charge an even higher rate because they were losing money. They later decided to take it down and move to a bigger city out of state. I don’t think anyone here missed it.

    1. Good that it went somewhere else. I am hoping they do the same thing with the Melbourne Star, Thank you for sharing that Lois.

  4. I think I saw a program about this wheel having some major structural issues and it was repaired. Or, it wasn’t this wheel, not sure. I agree with you, Leanne, why not put the wheel where it will have a nice view!

    1. Yeah, they did John. The metal melted or bent on a really hot day and it was put out of commission for a while and they basically had to rebuild it, with better steel. The stuff they first got was not up to scratch. It was the wheel John. Exactly, why put it somewhere with the ugliest views. doesn’t make sense. Thank you John.

  5. I agree. Landmarks like this, I think, should be located where people get attracted to it. In return, it should offer views that are interesting. Not necessarily breathtaking.

    1. Absolutely, they should have put where people are and not somewhere where they hoped people would go. I have to agree about the views. Thank you.

  6. I didn’t see it when we went to the Docklands! Too bad. They put a regular Ferris wheel in Old Sacramento and it seems to be getting riders.

    1. You probably didn’t go far enough Anne, it is really well hidden now. I think if they put it somewhere with great views it would get more people too. Thank you Anne.

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