Monochrome Wednesday – Infrared in the park

Monochrome Wednesday - Infrared in the park

The other day I finally took the infrared camera out for a walk in the park and thought one of the images would be good for Monochrome Wednesday.

Monochrome Wednesday – Infrared in the park

It has been so long since I went out with the infrared camera. I have missed it. Using it can be a bit hit and miss, though the more I use it the more I am understanding when I like using it. I am not a fan of blue skies, even for this sort of photography.

It was fairly overcast yesterday and rain was predicted. I wanted to see what the images would be like with lots of clouds in the sky. I have to admit I really liked them. Without a doubt, I am a massive fan of cloudy skies.

It seemed like a good idea to give the image a blue tone as well.

Monochrome Wednesday - Infrared in the park

While there I took a heap of shots and will show those on the weekend.

Joining in

It would be great if you would like to participate, especially if you are enjoying the monochrome challenge again. If you want to contribute there is a Facebook groupTPM Photos which you can join and share your images. Of course, if you are blogging no reason why you can’t post your own. I like this challenge and it is nice to be thinking in monochrome again.

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  1. Leanne, sorry, but I am curious if you do the Infrared the old way in processing the prints and film? Or is it done in the camera? I am just an old school photographer, learned that way so many, many years ago. I really love your image.

    1. Hi Cornelia, no, I actually had one of my old digital cameras converted to infrared. I can use it like normal and it is too hard. Thank you.

    1. I did some with no clouds and the sky can look very dark and open. I really didn’t like it. I do love clouds though. Sun can be good, but I don’t mind it not being there as well. Thank you Chris.

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