More interesting photographers to look at

More interesting photographers to look at

Everyone seemed to enjoy last weeks post, so I’ve been on the lookout for more interesting photographers to look at. I hope you find them just as interesting.

More interesting photographers to look at

It has been great hunting through videos on YouTube to see what I can find for you. I’m learning so much as well. One aspect is that you can often see how they work and their thought processes. Those types of things can be really important.

“The Abandoned” A fine art photography print collection by Martin Osner

It is no surprise to find photographers out there photographing abandoned buildings. It is one of those mysteries where photographers are really attracted to them. No idea why, though I’ve been known to photograph quite a few myself.

Martin Osner looks for abandoned buildings when he is out trying to capture landscape images.

Fine Art Photography | Landscape Photography by Anthony Lamb

Some of the scenery in this video is incredible and then you see what he has done with those images. Another photographer where you can get glimpses of how they work.

Watching a photographer work can be so enlightening and we can learn so much. So what you can learn from Anthony Lamb?

What Does Photography Mean to You?

This is such a great question and means something different to everyone. Here Brendan van Son explains what it means to him. I can relate to a lot of it. What about you, what does photography mean to you?

I hope you have enjoyed looking at these photographers this week.

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  1. Great photographs dude…OMG!!!! You deserve lot more followers…

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  2. I am enjoying this series, Leanne. It is nice to be exposed to different photographers and styles, and it is inspiring.

  3. Leanne, this is such a great idea of yours, to introduce other photographers work, it is very inspiring. Are there more female photographer out there you could find, just saying. To me photography is simply everything.

    1. Thank you Cornelia, it is good for me as well. Yeah, I’ve been thinking that and I will be searching for some. That is good to hear.

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