Review: Chasing Ice

Last week I was going through some documentaries on Stan and Netflix and I came across Chasing Ice in the former. It is just over an hour long but it was worth watching. I love it when you find something that you can’t stop thinking about and you want to share it with everyone. This is what Chasing Ice did for me.

It is a documentary about climate change, but it is also a story about a photographer and what he went through to show how the glaciers around the world are retracting as the planet gets warmer. The photographer is James Balog and, with the help of National Geographic, wanted to help find a way to show people what is happening to the planet. He decided the best way, was to show how the ice was melting and the rate it was happening. He started Extreme Ice Project and it is through this that he does all this work.

Through time-lapse photography you can see it happening for yourself. He set up cameras in four areas around the northern hemiphere at different glaciers so he could record what was happening.

It is really interesting watching how he went about doing the project, and you also get to see the failures as well. It is amazing how he set it all up and managed to get it to work. On top of that you get to see him taking incredible photos of what he finds on those glaciers. I would love to take some shots like that, but I know I would never be game enough.

With his time lapse images he does lectures using his science degree to help him educate people with what he has seen happening. He says that people can deny what is happening as much as they want, but the evidence is there in the glaciers.

Here is a trailer for the show.

I finished watching it wishing I could do something like this. It was so inspirational and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. It must fantastic to be able to do something like this and I do envy James Balog.

I hope you can find the show somewhere to watch. If you are in Australia it is on Stan, and, it seems it is also on Netflix, so it may be available on it in other countries as well. If you have seen it, or do see it, let me know what you thought.

For those that would like to see more I found this link for you, James Balog: Time-lapse proof of extreme ice loss.

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  1. I did a search on and discovered that Chasing Ice is available. My wife and I will be watching it for sure. Thanks for the valuable hint, Leanne!

  2. Hi, Leanne:
    It’s great you came across this movie. I purchased a DVD copy when I was doing research for my trip to Greenland last year. What he and his team accomplished with those time-lapse sequences is amazing. And the live footage of the enormous break-up of a New York City-sized piece of the glacier in Greenland was staggering.

    1. Hi Robin, I was so happy to find it, I love watching it, so incredible. It really was amazing, so much dedication, not sure I could spend that much time in the cold, and how he was taking some of the photos, whoa, well I’m in awe. Oh yes, that glacier breaking away was mesmerizing, and a bit scary. Thanks Robyn, I hope it helped your trip. Thank you.

  3. Wow thanks for bringing this to our attention, Leanne. It’s amazing when you think about it. Just a regular person making the effort to make a huge thing like that happen. Totally inspiring. I’ll let you know when I’ve watched it. Can’t wait.

    1. You’re welcome Nicci, I’m sure you will find it truly amazing, and I know you feel the same as me about climate change. Yes, please let me know what you think of it. Thanks Nicci.

    1. I tried to find a link there, but you have had better luck than me, that is great. So worth watching, I hope you enjoy it, thank you.

    1. It was Carol, I loved it, I’ve watched it a couple of times now. Yeah, a good idea and someone with a lot of money to back me. lol, thank you.

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