Trying to catch up with everything


Where does the time go? I do feel like I’m constantly trying to catch up with everything and it isn’t working. I had all these plans for the blog and they are just falling by the wayside.

Another Tree on a Rock, Honeymoon Bay

Trying to catch up with everything

It is fairly clear that some things have to change. Unfortunately, I suspect this blog is going to be the biggest one. As much as I would like to keep posting a lot, I can’t. I just don’t have the time, so I have decided that I am going to concentrate on doing 2 posts a week for the time being.

One will, of course, be Monochrome Madness, and the other will be whatever is relevant and going on. So a mix of other things. I do hope to get my act together, but I suspect I am doing too many things. However, I do have to go where the engagement is good and where people seem to be engaging the most, which at this point in time is Facebook.

I will continue to do the podcasts, which I enjoy doing. I like the discussion or conversation style of them. I also love podcasts, you can listen to them anywhere.

The email list will continue and be a good source of information as well. So if you haven’t signed up for it, now is the time.

Merrell Photo Competition

Merrell Australia are running a photo competition. The competition is called, “Outdoor Australia” and if you would like to enter then click here for all the details.

I’ve entered two photos. The first one is the image above from Coles Bay. Taken last year while I was in Tasmania.

The second image below was taken in Tasmania, almost 2 years ago.


Both are a couple of my most successful images.

How much is that image worth

That is the title of my latest article for Digital Photography School. It is like a guide on how to price your images. If you would like to read it, then click here for the link.

I’ve been writing for Digital Photography School now for over three years. It is getting harder to do, but I will have to see how I go. I need to work out what I want to do.

Workshop Weekend Away

I have decided it is time to bite the bullet, so the saying goes, and just try running one. I wanted to go to Lorne next month to do the Milkyway and some Long Exposure Photography, so thought why not invite others as well.

I decided to offer it cheaper than I would normally, so this is a beta workshop. There is no accommodation or meals included in the price which is $350 for the weekend. It will go from Friday night, to Sunday afternoon.

The dates, 15th of June to the 17th.


It could be a lot of fun. So many places to go around Lorne. I will make a page for it soon.

I think that is it for today. I will have to see what to post next. Take care.

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    1. Thank you Erich, I hope it is fun weekend, but Qld is a long to come to do it, lol. I might have to get you to write me a review. lol

  1. I honestly don’t know how you manage to do all that you do! Best of luck with the competition and the workshop. If I lived in Australia I’d be booked in! All the best Leanne ..

    1. Yeah, it is starting to catch up, I am going to have to cut back on some things. Thanks, I hope the workshops work. You are so good.

  2. The first photo has all the qualities of a first class painting. I love how you treated this picture in the editing process, Leanne.

  3. I can relate to the time issue. I don’t see how you can run a business and blog five days a week, unless blogging is your business. Especially on photography, trying to find a topic that hasn’t been beat to death already is a good trick. I’m so far behind on my own blog, it’s not funny, and I have plenty of fresh stuff to post. But, like you, the blog isn’t priority one. Good luck, as usual your photos are awesome.

    1. It is hard, have to sort it out somehow. I think you can’t think like that with topics, every photographer brings a new way to look at the world with it. Thank you so much.

  4. Hope things work out for you, Leanne. So many things to do, so little time, and sometimes some things have got to give. I’ve really enjoyed your blog over the years and it’s good to hear you will still be posting, just a bit less. Your blog’s become a great portfolio for you 🙂 Good luck with Facebook and lovely to hear that it’s growing – and Facebook will probably be the medium that appeals to most. It doesn’t appeal much to me but I guess if you want to get your work out there, it is something that you have to participate in.

    1. Thank you Mabel. So true, it is hard to fit it all in. I’ve been trying some new things, and now I have to work out what I want to do. I am finding Facebook quite a good and I’m building quite a community which I like.

  5. Leanne, so sorry you’re entering my world! The house is more or less organized, but boxes are still in the garage and sunroom. I’ve started to hang pictures and that helps. Yes, slow down is sometimes necessary. Good luck and take care.

    1. I’m afraid it is all of my own making Anne. I just keep taking on too much. Glad to hear the house is coming together, it is amazing what a difference images on a wall can do. Thank you Anne.

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