New Zealand Wanderings Day 15 – Akaroa


Akaroa was on the list today for Day 15 of our New Zealand Wanderings. It is our second last day here and the weather was great for the trip. I also wanted to share some more information about our stay in Moeraki and a photo from there.

New Zealand Wanderings Day 15 – Akaroa

We had to make some decisions with the last two days in New Zealand as we fly home on Monday. The weather for today was going to be good, while tomorrow the forecast is for rain. It made sense to travel to Akaroa today.

It is a beautiful place. Though it also has lots of visitors. Perhaps more so because it was a Saturday. It is always harder getting good photos when that happens, the tourists I mean. There were so many motorbikes as well. I think the road to Akaroa would attract a lot. I remember when I used to ride one roads with curves were great.

It is a very pretty town. I imagine many towns in Maine USA would have similar feels. I have 3 images for you. When I get home I will do more.

Moeraki Accommodation

The other day I spoke about how terrible we found the house in Moeraki, The Heart of Moeraki. She has now left me a horrible review on Airbnb. We decided not to do that. We left a neutral review. I don’t understand some people. How could she not understand that we would get upset when we couldn’t find the place. Or that having to make our own beds, then strip them when done wouldn’t upset us. Take all our rubbish with us. Bring our own toilet paper. Put up with a fridge that stunk of fish. We didn’t pay for that.

She also complained that I booked for 1 guest but more beds were used. Which she implies a lot were, but only one other was. I made a mistake when I booked the place. I sent her a message straight away telling her that it was meant to be for two people. She responded telling me that it wasn’t a problem and there were lots of beds. Apparently now she has forgotten.

We have stayed in lots of places here in New Zealand. Some have been basic, but they didn’t cost $200 for one night. We didn’t have to do anything, but put our stuff inside and enjoy. The Heart of Moeraki will go down as the worst Airbnb that I have ever stayed in.

It is such a shame because Moeraki was a beautiful town. I would have loved to have spent more time there.

Moeraki Bay

The bay was gorgeous and in the morning I went down there to do some long exposures of the piers. There was an interesting building across it which, I think, is a restaurant. It turned out great in the photos. I hope you think so as well.

I spent this afternoon on the Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13 processing it so I could show you.



Well it is our last day tomorrow. I am not sure exactly what we will be doing, but we are staying and exploring Christchurch more. I haven’t seen much of it so far, but it looks nice. Looking forward to seeing more tomorrow, hopefully before the rain.

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  1. I’m so pleased you decided to go to Akaroa. It’s a very beautiful place and I’m looking forward to seeing your photos. You should definitely get in touch with Airbnb when you’re home. We have only ever had one bad experience and I found them to be very responsive and helpful. Let them know that what she advertises isn’t what the customer gets.

    1. We went on your recommendation Carol. I was going to mention you in the blog post and then I forgot. It was worth the visit and we loved it.
      Yeah, I think I will contact them. I think I should. It was pretty bad. I will have to check what she advertises again, though I’m fairly certain that if we knew what they expected us to do, we wouldn’t have stayed there. Thanks

  2. I’m so sorry about your stay in Moeraki and I apologise on NZ behalf. For that price there is no way you should have to do that. The quaint building in your photo if a cafe. It is Fleur’s cafe and is really famous. She gets her seafood straight from the boats and people like Rick Stein have visited there

    1. We were thinking the same Cushla, we paid less for some places and our beds were still made and weren’t given a massive list of cleaning up rules. Just to leave it as we found it. I thought it was that restaurant I have heard a bit about it. We didn’t want to go as I”m vegetarian and Suzzanna doesn’t like seafood, we are a great pair. Thank you Cushla, we certainly don’t think the experience is a reflection on NZ, as everyone has been fantastic.

  3. Airbnb experiences can be a trip. We stayed at one where the host moaned and groaned all night as if he was having orgasms – he was alone. Perhaps you can contact customer service at Airbnb about the fals rating.

    1. I have never stayed in a place where the host was there. I also get the whole place ot myself, I would find that a bit uncomfortable I think. I am thinking about contacting them when I get back, I will see how I feel. Thanks Sherry.

  4. I have never rented an AirBnb. Not for lack of tryng. It seems that shortly after booking a place that is mareked avaiable, the place suddenly is no longer avaiable. I am starting to feel that I have the wrong skin colour for an AirBnB booking.

    In any case, The Heart of Moeraki is on my shit list if (when) I ever vist New Zealand.

    I am ejoying this “photographic” journey around New Zealand with you. Thanks for sharing, Leanne.

    1. Oh I would hate to think that was the case Khurt, that would be really horrible. I haven’t ever had problems before, but I guess I can’t say that anymore.
      Yeah, I would avoid it if I went back there. Apparently there are about 300 properties available for rent, so plenty of options other than that one.

      That is great to hear, I’m enjoying the journey and have loved seeing it, though I’m also looking forward to getting home. Thank you Khurt.

  5. I have enjoyed reading about your travels. Sorry things didn’t work out in Moreki. When you have energy I think I would appeal against what she said as having a bad review might make it difficult to get a stayin another Air BnB another time.

    1. That’s good to hear Chris, can’t believe it is almost over. It was sad. I did do some research and people said to respond to her review and give my side. I have done that, so I hope that works. If it comes to it, I will just start a new account. though I am thinking of contacting Airbnb and talking to them.
      Thank you Chris.

  6. A beautiful image Leanne. You’re starting to convince me that a Wacom Mobile Studio could be a good investment. Don’t let your bad airBNB experience ruin your trip, rather, put it down to humanity.

    1. Thank you Ian. Yeah, it a great thing to have with you when you are travelling. I am trying to do that, I feel better than I was able to respond to her review. Hopefully people will look past it and see that everyone else was very happy with how we were.

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