Photo: St Kilda Pier at Sunrise


Today I just have an image for you. It was taken last week and is of St Kilda Pier. I was down there with a friend at sunrise and we were going to make the trip out on the rocks to do some long exposures, but it had been raining and we weren’t sure how safe it would be to walk out on the rocks. I was going to go, and I had my camera around my neck, but thought I should put it in my bag, just in case I slipped. I decided to take a couple of quick shots first, then I saw the photos on the back of the camera and thought, I have to do a long exposure here.

It took a few attempts, as the 10 stop Formatt Hitech Firecrest filter for the Lucroit holder for my 14-24mm lens was not quite dark enough, but I knew the 16 stop would be too dark. I had to try a few things. The sun started coming up and I got that blown out bit, but I don’t mind it. Most people who go down there to take photos do it from the other end, but I actually like this view of it. I hope you like it as well.


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  1. Hi Leanne, How refreshingly different from most LE photos I have seen recently. This one has life and great lighting in it TFS

    1. Thank you Truels, it was a gorgeous sunrise. Though I wish I had got it just before the sun come up, I will have to go back.

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