Playing around with more time-lapse – This time around Docklands

I spent much of Saturday in the city with my friend Steve. We haven’t been out together to take photos for a long time. Since we haven’t been to Docklands for so long we decided to go there. Apparently, there are lots of new buildings.

I have to say there were. I took photos of many of them, but today’s post is more about what else I did there.

Most of my time was spent clicking away, or rather setting the camera up to click away to take many photos so I could do some time-lapse videos. I don’t know if you guys like these, but I LOVE them, so you can expect more in the future. Though I do want to see if I can do other things with them as well.

So this video is very short and is all the time-lapse I took yesterday, plus an extra one that I took in the city a couple of weeks ago.

I think it is so cool. The video is unlisted, so you won’t find it on my YouTube channel page right now. This is the start of one that I wanted to share with you.

All the photos for this were taken with the Tamron 11-20mm F/2.8 Di III-A RXD that I have on loan right now.

Here are some of the stills from the video.


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  1. This video looks so cool. I liked seeing cars zooming by, and the clouds. Also the boats have some movements too. 🙂

    1. OMG that is so hot John, I have heard that there are going to be record temperatures in the US this year. I hope it doesn’t follow here.

    2. It’s much hotter than the previous nine years I’ve been here, Leanne. The sustain of the heat from day to day is really bad. I thank God for AC. This is dangerous heat. I hope to donate 17 cases of water to my church tomorrow. ☺️🔥

    3. Yeah, they say we are going into El Nino which means hotter temps. Even here we are having very warm winter days, usually July is our coldest month, but June was much colder. I know what you mean about AC, we have it too. I feel sorry of those in places like the UK where it is really hot, but they don’t have AC, which is sad. That is nice of you to donate the water. What is the state of the drinking water there?

    4. It is very different to think of June and July as cool months. I I didn’t know that the UK households don’t have AC but it seems to me that they are much further north than some areas of the states.

    5. Yeah, I don’t think they have ever really needed it, but last summer and this summer they have had really hot ones. The world is getting hot. Apparently the last time we had an el nino we broke heat records, and they reckon this time they will break them again. Not fun. I hate the heat.
      Yeah, like us having Christmas and going to the beach or having BBQ’s because it is hot.

    6. That’s an American tradition to burn hotdogs and other stuff on the grill! Fun memories. Try to stay chill, Leanne.

    7. Haha, I will try and stay warm now, but hope to stay chill in summer. YOu keep cool JOhn, take care and ride your bike early in the morning.

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