Playing with a Fisheye Lens on my Phone


Today I was at Alowyn Gardens to talk about some macro photography classes. While there I spent some time playing around the fisheye lens from Struman Optics on my phone.alowyn-gardens-struman-phone-fisheye-105712

Playing with a Fisheye Lens on my Phone

This morning I was out at Alowyn Gardens to have a meeting, but I went early so I could wander around the gardens taking photos. Just before the meeting, I put the fisheye lens on the phone to take a few photos.

Most of the photos I took were taken with my DSLR and macro lens. It was a stunning morning for macro. The sun was behind a sky full of clouds and there was almost no wind. Really, it was fantastic for it. They are the conditions that I always want for this kind of photography.

It seems all I’m doing lately is taking macro photos. Not that I mind too much, I love it, but I do worry that you guys will get sick of them. It does seem to be the right time of the year for it here in Australia.

I have no idea why autumn seems to be a good for it. I do love Melbourne in autumn, it is the best time of the year really. Though the weather is starting to change, we are still being hit with hot weather, obviously not as hot as it is in January, but still hot. Good for the solar panels.


The fisheye lens, whether for the camera or the phone, is a lot of fun. I love them. I don’t know if others like the photos, but they can be really interesting. You never really know what you will get and I like that kind of photography. It is interesting to see the world in a different way. Change the perspective.

This is a special lens from Struman Optics. I have played with it before, but not for a while. I just took a few photos to see how they would look.


Here is a small gallery with some photos. I didn’t take many.


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  1. These are really beautiful images, Leanne! That fisheye seems different from the SLR or DSLR lenses as I don’t see the usual barrel type distortion of a fisheye. I was expecting more. The images look more like they were taken through a more traditional wide angle lens.

    1. Thank you Tim. The one used here is a bit special, but it gives too much curve to be a wide angle. The distortion isn’t as great.

    2. I probably need to see those shots on my desktop to see the curvatures. But hey, I really loved the shots. You always manage to capture such mood and soul in your shots. Please keep shooting and posting.

  2. you used the fish eye well. The photographs look natural. I often don’t like obvious distortion with a fish eye; such as, buildings twisted at the edges.

    1. Thank you Sherry. I like the what the fisheye does, but I accept that they aren’t real life images so to speak, so I like to push it and see what weird and wonderful angles I can get.

  3. Thanks Leanne – I really like seeing the macro images – not sick of them at all.

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