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Ten years ago I was terrified of doing this, but it seems I have gotten over it. Recently I was asked to do a presentation to a local chapter of Probus. They were photography enthusiasts and the guy organising it, Don, thought they would be interested in my style of photography. I didn’t hesitate and just said yes.

It has been interesting to see how I have changed in this respect. I have done a couple of speeches in the last 6 months and I was completely at ease. There were no nerves. Even at my book launch my daughter was really impressed with my talk. I think I even enjoyed them.

Giving a presentation was a little different. I knew I was going to be on for around 45 minutes to an hour, but had no idea how to prepare for something that long. So I guessed. I did a Power Point Presentation and just went with it. I also prepared a second one of just images, to scroll through while people asked questions at the end.

I decided to do it on my art practice and the history of it, not just my photography. It turned out great and I had so much fun doing it. I couldn’t believe how quickly the time went.  Now that I have done one, I will know more about how to do it again, that’s if I ever get asked again.

Here are some of the photos I showed in the presentation.

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  1. Shoots! Those photos are absolutely lovely! The lighting in all of them is really pretty!

    But next to that, well done on your go at public speaking! It’s scary at first but gets fun as you get the hang of it! Hopefully you’ll get more opportunities to test out the waters as you go.

    Good luck and godspeed!

  2. So pleased you enjoyed doing it Leanne 😀
    Hope you find yourself doing more. You have lots to share!!

    1. Thank you Robyn, I do wonder if they are something I will start doing more. I’ve been asked about doing some at camera clubs, but then nothing has happened. so who knows.

  3. Well done, Leanne! I somehow can’t imagine you finding it challenging to speak about your art and your photography, as you are so passionate about it – your enthusiasm and dedication shine through in every blogpost you’ve written about it. So, well done! 🙂

    1. Thank you Reggie, I used to hate it, I would get so nervous, I think teaching has helped a lot with it. That is so nice to read, thank you so much.

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