Quick pics this week

Quick pics this week

This is going to be quick today, I have a couple of pics that I have worked on this week. I thought it would be good to show you as well.

Quick pics this week

Earlier this week I had an inquiry about one of my images from a few years back and while in the archives I found some images I thought I should take a second look at. It is always interesting going back into the archives and finding images you hadn’t considered before.


The first image I found was one from the city. I am not sure why I ever overlooked it. Perhaps because I am not a fan of blue hour, usually. I think I might be changing.

This image and the one after was taken in 2015. I still remember the day I took this. It was just after the Pokemon game started and I went into the city with my husband so he could catch them. The upside for me was being able to take photos.

Quick pics this week


The second image is from an excursion to Blairgowrie at sunrise. This little pier is a favourite of mine and I do love going there. I think the first time I went there was back in 2011 so I have been visiting there for quite a while.

It is hard to get there for sunrise normally as it is a couple of hours away, but I think at this time of the year it is something I should try and do more.

Quick pics this week

Methinks this is something I should start doing. I am often awake very early, but always struggle with where I should go. Perhaps it is time to change that.

So, I thought perhaps I might try doing this more. Finding raw images in my archives and working on them. Perhaps also reworking some images. Could be fun. What do you think?

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