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The other night I had a One on One Photography Session with a lovely woman. She already knew how to take photos, but she wanted to spend some time learning about long exposures and seeing how I take photos. I am finding more and more people want me to teach them this type of photography. I am, as always, happy to oblige.

We spent some time doing the long exposures, working out times and such. Then the sun started to go down. We found ourselves down in the Docklands at the Webb Bridge. I love it there, you can get some amazing images if it isn’t too windy and the water is calm enough.

It was overcast and I love the way the city lights bounce off the clouds. Most of the images are around one minute. No filters were used, just long exposures. I think my student had a good time and hopefully will feel more confident doing long exposures from now on. I hope you enjoy the photos.

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Last week I was trying to photograph the full moon.  The weather here was horrible for it.  I did have one image that I thought would be a good image for a post on Black and White Photography the full moon.  I am also using it for monochrome madness this week over on my main blog and I will put a link here to that post here on Leanne Cole Photography.


This is my submission for MM33 this week.  I have had the image on Facebook, Flickr and Google+ and a few people have asked me how I got it, so I thought I would share it here. I have explained it a few times how it is actually two images put together.  The moon is so bright and if you try and take a photo of the clouds and the moon, then you can only get one part of it.


This was the original image for the clouds.  I like the way I have got the clouds, but, as you can see, the moon is totally burned out and there is no detail in it at all. It really isn’t what I was looking for.


This was taken a few seconds later, and you can see that there is a lot more detail in the moon, but all the clouds are gone. I took the image with the clouds and then I took the image with the moon, cut the moon out and moved it onto the blown moon with the clouds.  It has given the moon a lovely halo.  The one I put on my social media sites was in colour, but I did something weird to it when I was processing it.  I am not sure what, but when I decided to redo it, it seemed like a good idea to do it black and white as well.  The reworked on turned out a lot better.

It really isn’t a good reflection of what the evening was.  It really was a night of cloud watching, not moon watching.  We would start to see the moon popping out from the clouds, and we would jump up and see if we could get some photos before it disappeared again.  It was really frustrating.