Reposting: Looking at other artists: Erik Johannson

I used to do posts like this all the time and I’m hoping this will help me get back to doing them from time to time. So today I am reposting this post about Erik Johannson, such an amazing photographer, and artist. Let me know if you want to see more posts like this.

Looking at other artists: Erik Johannson

Erik Johannson is an incredible fine art photographer and his imagination just amazes me. I did another blog post on him once before, but I must have deleted it. I can’t find it. I thought it would be good to look at him again.

He turns his world inside out and I so want to do something like this, but I worry I don’t have the imagination.

While looking around on the internet I found some videos of how he works. I thought I might share some and maybe some of his images.

See if you are inspired by his work.

It makes me want to try some things, and when I saw these videos and saw that he starts with drawings, I wonder if I should do the same thing. It is a good way to start. I would have to find some of my old sketchbooks.

The final image.

The more you go into the work the more you can see how detailed it is.

The imagination is really going to have to start working overdrive here.

His website is

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  1. These images really are surreal, and I love them! If you want to imitate, you should. But knowing you, you’ll put a different spin on your photos. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    1. They are definitely very surreal Rusha. I will get around to trying some of my own stuff one day, I hope. I just seem to lack the confidence. Thank you.

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