What Santa left me

I hinted a couple of weeks ago, but now I can definitely say, I got a Lensbaby Composer Pro II for my Fujifilm cameras for Christmas. I also got the Sweet 35 optic to go in it.

One thing about Covid has been that if I wanted to continue taking photos during the last couple of years, I knew that I would have to change what I did. For me it wasn’t hard, I just gave my other love more time, macro photography.

Part of doing that change was getting my garden in order so I could plant a lot of flowers. It has been quite the journey. I love that there is nearly always something outside to photograph now. As the seasons change so do the flowers.

I’ve been using Lensbaby for about 5 years now. I told you the story a few posts back, and I’m looking forward to exploring all the gear again. It is nice to have the time while I’m home. I have so many of the optics, so I will be getting them out to see what I can do with them. I like too that I can use them all on my Fujifilm cameras now.

My mum only left this morning, so I haven’t really had the time to do too much. I am hoping to get out more now. Though, time will tell if I can get out as the temperature is set to soar this week. It will be the first real heat we will be getting this summer. I’m not looking forward to it with the highest temp set for Saturday at 38C. That is hot, too hot to spend too much time outside.

I might have to try cutting some and bring them inside to photograph. I don’t really do that very much. It is something I should do more. Most definitely something I should do more. I have everything to do it.

I have a few photos here from what I’ve done so far. I’m looking forward to doing more and I hope you are looking forward to seeing more too.

Take care everyone.

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  1. Glad you had a Merry Christmas and I can see that you are looking forward to the New Year. Always enjoy your photos. We are just moving into winter here in Tennessee, Have an exciting trip planned. More on that later, but it will be filled with photo opportunities of all kinds.


    1. Thank you Jeff, it was a great Christmas. I have to say the more this pandemic goes on the more I realise that I don’t have to go out to take photos all the time. I like that. Do you get snow, I love the look of snow but not sure I would like to live in it. Trips are great, I hope it is great for you. sounds so good. Stay safe.

  2. It is always great to have the right tools to play. I feel encouraged to do more in 2022 after just letting creative expression languish this year. Restricted movements due to Covid not really a good excuse for me since I save all manner of objects for doing still life’s right at home and yet have hardly dragged out my camera all year. But, I still hear the call and must answer it!!

    These flowers are lovely and I do look forward to watching you experiment. Hard to beat those Twelve Apostles though, or however many remain!! 🙂 Still on my bucket list to go there.

    Wishing you Peace and Prosperity in 2022!!

    1. I agree Judy, it is good. I’m glad you feel more encouraged to do more. I am really enjoying doing that now. Oh, still life is great, I wish I was good at it. ​Sounds like it is time to drag it all out.

      Thank you, I love experimenting. Yeah the apostles are great, and there will be more photos of them.

      Thank you Judy, all the best to you as well.

  3. Fun Lenses and very handy for macro and for LOMO work when you’re going for a softer vibe. Check out the Twist lenses too as they’re a lot of fun for portraiture.

    1. They are fun, I love them for macro, but they are also good for other things as well. I have seen the twist lens, but it isn’t something I can afford right now. Though portraiture is not something I really like doing. Thank you.

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