Reposting USA Wanderings: Santa Cruz to Monterey

Reposting USA Wanderings: Santa Cruz to Monterey

Today I am reposting Reposting USA Wanderings: Santa Cruz to Monterey because it seems I still can’t get access to my photos on the backup system. We are having trouble with it all. This was a day that I absolutely loved and had so much fun. I will always remember it fondly. Really, the days where I met people that I had got to know through this blog were always really good days.

Reposting USA Wanderings: Santa Cruz to Monterey

On my third day here Anne from SLOW SHUTTER SPEED picked me up and we went down to Santa Cruz and finished the day in Monterey getting a sunset. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Anne, she was a lot of fun.



Santa Cruz

The place we went to was the Santa Cruz boardwalk. Lots of games, rides and colours there. We didn’t go on any rides, but it was gorgeous place by the sea. The weather was stunning and in complete contrast to what we had the day before.

It was my first time to a broadwalk, it was a lot of fun.


We went down to the pier and walked along it and then went to see the sea lions underneath it. They were lying around resting around, they were fun to watch.

We went to Olitas for lunch and I had my first taco there, and they are nothing like what we get in Australia. I did put a photo of it on Instagram. So I had a blackened fish taco and it was so nice, really good. I can’t believe, a taco and a beer for $6, best lunch ever. Olitas have that special every Tuesday and Thursday.



On the way to Monterey we stopped off at Capitola. A quaint little seaside town with colourful buildings. We didn’t stay long, but it was beautiful. Would have been nice to do a sunset there, but in the end we decided to go to Monterey instead. If I ever get back here this is one place I would like to see again and explore more.



We got to Monterey just as the sun was setting. We found this beach that was very rocky, but the rocks were really nice and sculptural. I liked taking photos of them. I was using the D750 but because I don’t have a remote shutter release for it I couldn’t really do any long exposures for it.

The above photo was taken with my  Nikon 24-70mm lens, while the rest of the images were taken with the Tamron 28-300mm. I am loving that lens, I love how versatile it is. I am finding myself favouring it quite a bit.

I’ve been using the Nikon D750 most of the time and finding it great, though not having the right cables for some things can be annoying, but that’s to be expected when you are only borrowing it. I have had trouble connecting the wifi and my phone so I can send photos to my phone to load up to Facebook or Instagram, but finally got it working yesterday so will try and see if I can get it working again today.

A bit of gear

The Merrell shoes have been fantastic and have been on my feet everyday. I am so glad I got them for this trip and everywhere I go and tell people my shoes are Merrell they tell me they love their Merrell shoes as well. It is like we are a little club.

I also got a new camera strap from Joby and I’m really enjoying that as well. It feels good when I am wearing it and how it is easy to slide around to use the  camera.

I have a few more photos for you now. Theses are the photos from Santa Cruz, Capitola and Monterey.

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  1. It is almost impossible to log into your blog. It’s frustrating as I really enjoy it.

    1. I don’t understand Sara, you don’t need to log into it. It is open to anyone to look at. I have shut down the other one I had. So I don’t know if you are going there.

  2. Thanks Leanne, for bringing back the memory of that wonderful day. It was great to meet and shoot with you in person. And yes, the tacos were great! I’m so glad we made it to Monterey for sunset. It was beautiful.

    1. It was a wonderful day. I always think back on it with a huge smile on my face. I am really glad too, I haven’t had another taco like that here. Thank you Anne, I hope we can do it again one day.

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