A Travel Wishlist


You all seemed to enjoy the wishlist game last week, so I thought since I’m heading to Tasmania today we could play the game again, but look at travel.

So what is your travel wishlist?

Mine, mmm, not a big list for me, but I do have three places that I would absolutely love to go to, one day.

United Kingdom

I love the look of English villages, the old buildings, and countryside. Midsomer Murders has got me wanting to go. Not too mention the English Moors, I’ve wanted to go there ever since I read Wuthering Heights. My family has some Scottish History there, well I’m first generation on one side, so I would like to explore Scotland. The movie Highlander has made me want to explore the Highlands, a must see for me.  Ireland too, I want to go there too.


No movie has made me want to go there, but there is something about the vastness of the place, and I would love to explore it. I keep seeing incredible images on the internet and it seems like a place I would like to see.

New Zealand

From Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, I want to visit. It is probably the most realistic one for me. It is the closest and the airfares aren’t too bad, so you never know.

Then again I might go somewhere completely different.

So where will you go? Why do you want to go there?

I am not going to be able to respond to comments for a while, and not sure what internet I will have access to for the next couple of days. Please be patient and know that as soon as I can I will approve your comments.

Tasmania here I come, I’m really looking forward to it, though first I better pack.


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  1. Hi Leanne, my wishlist for places to visit is very long, or very short, depending on how you look at it! I would like to see the world! As you know I am from Canada, and I have not seen all of it, yet, if you decide to visit our beautiful country I would be happy to act as a guide for my little corner of the country.
    I too want to see Iceland is next on the wish list, maybe early next spring and we can see the northern lights!
    happy travel Leanne.

  2. My travel wishlist is: Peru/Bolivia/??. Central Asia/Kyrgyzstan. Southern Africa/Namibia. Spain/Andalusia.
    I attach great importance to both natural and cultural experiences, when I dream about new destinations …..

  3. glad Scotland and Canada are on your list. The west coast was on Jackson’s shortlist for Lord of The Rings too I heard. It’ certainly has the magic! Mine are India and Tibet, Peru – and every place else lol!

  4. Safe travels – I think I’d like to start with visiting places in my own country. I’ve lived on the east coast of the US all my life and would love to see other places like the deserts, mountains west of the Blue Ridge and of course the west coast.

  5. As you are off on your journey and adventures I would like to wish you a fabulous trip!

    As for my travel wishlist I have one spot that is on the top of my list and that is Japan! It is a place filled with old world tradtions that are kept alive today – and along with new visions and technology and beautiful nature – well I hope that one of these days I do get to go.

  6. I want to see all those places. My brother-in-law is from Tasi – haven’t been there yet. England I have seen some of but there is tons more. I want to go all over. 🙂 Good thing there is always something new in my own back yard. Have a great time.

  7. Paris and Rome. New Zealand (because the Hobbits are there 🙂 ) … and Nova Scotia and/or Prince Edward Island.

    And there are several National Parks here I’ve never yet visited, including Zion, Arches, Glacier, and Monument Valley. That Big Sky is irresistible!

  8. Deutschland, hands down. Die Schwarzwald und die Schlösser da (the Black Forest and the castles there). The Nürburgring, Magdeburg’s water bridge, Branizer Park, Köln Cathedral… the list goes on.

    Scottish Highlands, and the moors of north England (thank James at Smacked Pentax for this entry on my list), Moscow, St. Petersburg.

    Iguazu Falls in Argentina. Alaska.

  9. Hi, Leanne!

    I’ve divided my Wishlist into three, as follows:

    Places I want to go.
    Iceland, Japan, Vietnam. Western Australia.

    Places I’ve been, but would like to revisit.
    Alaska, Canada, Queensland, the Red Centre, Jordan, China, Norway

    Places I’m booked to go
    Iguazu Falls, Machu Picchu, cruise around South America.


  10. come back well, Leanne!
    My wishlist: NZ, AUS, some national parks in the US, Canada, Namibia, Okawango delta, Scotland, Ireland and a few re-visits 🙂

  11. I would love to spend time travelling around the land of Oz. I have lived in Melbourne all my life and not travelled much outside of Victoria, perhaps because I have not been bitten by the “travel bug”. But in the last few years since taking more of an interest in photography, the list of places in Australia I would like to explore is getting longer and longer, in part because of the wonderful images you and some other photographers post. I have this vision of driving around with my home on my back, like a snail haha, and staying as long as I want and wherever I want, doing whatever I like. For the time being though I am happy exploring this beautiful state of ours.

    Smooth sailing and have a great time in Tassie. Looking forward to seeing your photos and adding more places to my bucket list.

  12. I’ll be posting stories and photos from our recent trip to Scotland over the next several months.The next items on our bucket list are Wales and Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain. Have a great time in Tasmania!

  13. Oh so many! Would love to explore more of Central America, visiting pyramids, beaches, jungles +++++. I have been in this area twice, and each time it becomes more interesting to me – and I’m learning Spanish now. Then there’s Spain – I have been to the South of Spain once and simply loved it- the architecture, flamenco dance, the music, the food, the colors. Feet the same about France, i loved Provence. And lastly, even though it’s almost ‘next door’, I am longing to spend time at the Grand Canyon. I was there 40 years ago, must go back again and soak it all in, with my camera helping me! Have a great time on your trip.

  14. Hi Leanne, We have seen New Zealand, South and North. We flew to Wellington, and then to Nelson on a smaller plane and saw the late afternoon sights across Marlborough Sound. We travelled South island for 3 weeks and then back across the Sound by ferry to Wellington, stayed in Whanganui two nights, Hamilton 2 nights, wish it had been longer, Auckland 3 nights and cruised home on the Golden Princess. The cruise is to be highly recommended. We have booked another cruise on her in November to South Sea Islands.
    Our other desire is to visit Canada, and from there to cruise Alaska.
    My wishlist would also be the UK for reasons you have stated. I also have Scottish ancestry so would like to see Scotland and Ireland also. We used Airbnb for all of our accommodation, same price as motels but more comfortable and you get to interact with the locals. One highlight of the cruise was meeting so many people from all over the world. One of the best holidays we have ever had and best value for money. Must go, could talk all day about the cruise. Cheers Ron and Lynne. NB. Australia has many amazing places to see as well.

  15. I’m from Canada – live here in Toronto – and yes, we’re pretty boring, our Prime Minister is a dope smoking, selfie taking moron, and we’re too passive and polite, but there are some breathtaking areas in this country that are second to none. The west is best. British Columbia and Alberta have ridiculously awesome mountain scenery. Nova Scotia and Newfoundland are rugged and beautiful.
    I spent 3 weeks in NZ after travelling for 7 weeks in Australia. That was truly awesome. The UK? Meh.

  16. My travel wish list would be endless. However, since I am living in Mexico for now, I will mention 3 places on my current Mexican travel wishlist – visiting Tolantango in Hidalgo; visiting the Cenotes in the Yucatan; visiting San Cristobal in Chiapas!

  17. Patagonia, Antarctica… Might stay in the realm of fantasy… Enjoy Tassie – looking forward to seeing your images. Hopefully the weather will be kind to you and you come back with joyful rather than grim shots.

  18. Have fun in Tassie! You will bring back fantastic photos, I’m sure! I find travel difficult these days but if I were to go anywhere it would be New Zealand to visit lots of friends and relatives!

  19. When you go to the UK be sure to visit the west country, especially the Cotswolds. My wife is from Tetbury in Gloucestershire. There are some beautiful villages in that area.

  20. My travel wishlist could be very long, but a few are on the top……. Japan, Iran, Myanamar and Iceland and of course going back to India. Can’t wait to see your adventures In Tasmania, have a safe and amazing trip.

  21. My kids saw Secret Life of Walter Mitty and now they want to go to Iceland. Not sure if we can make that dream come true or not, but it looks like a beautiful place. Have a great trip to Tasmania!

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